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'Maybe' (1)
' may be that the Lord will work for us...' 1 Samuel 14:6 KJV

Jonathan, King Saul's son, was pursuing a Philistine garrison. No prophet had spoken. He had no word from the Lord to confirm that he was going to win the battle. He simply said to his armor bearer, 'Come, and let us go over unto the garrison of these uncircumcised: it may be that the Lord will work for us.' Now, this doesn't give you license to go off and do your own thing, then ask that God back you up. Clearly, Jonathan was fighting on the side of the Lord's people so he knew that God was with him. But without specific, detailed direction he stepped out on a 'maybe'. Did it work? Yes. When Jonathan and his armor bearer killed twenty of the Philistines, it threw the opposing force into such confusion that they started killing one another, and Israel came out on top. Solomon said, 'He who observes the wind will not sow, and he who regards the clouds will not reap.' (Ecclesiastes 11:4 NKJV) In other words, if you wait for perfect conditions you'll neither attempt nor accomplish anything. Yes, it would be wonderful if God always gave us specific directions. But often He leads by an idea or an impression that begins to grow inside you, and as it strengthens and persists you start to think, 'Maybe this is what God wants me to do.' We like the guaranteed outcome (and income). We're comfortable with the certain, absolute deal, with no risk of failure or loss. But you're going to face a 'maybe' more times than you will have guarantees. And it's those times of uncertainty that strengthen your faith, your resolve and your courage.

'Maybe' (2)
' may be that the Lord will work for us...' 1 Samuel 14:6 KJV

God answered Jonathan's 'maybe' with a 'definitely'. That's because his cause was just, his faith was strong, he had a heart to do God's will, glorify His name and bless His people. To step out on a 'maybe' you must know that your motive is right, that you have prayed and searched the Scriptures and that you have been willing to listen to godly counsel. A 'maybe' doesn't give you the right to be presumptuous or ask God to rubber-stamp your personal agenda. Sometimes when we want something to happen, we presume God does too. Up until this point Israel went to war based on a plan, a prophecy or a well-thought-out strategy. But sometimes God-given opportunities come to you 'on the fly' and it takes faith and wisdom to know how to respond to them. In those 'maybe moments' you can't wait for guarantees or sit still and do nothing because your actions involve risk. You can't fear natural circumstances, obstacles or frightening situations. You must take the 'maybe' you've been given and do something with it, for that's when you begin to see God turn your 'maybe' into a miracle. Once you know that your heart is right before God you must be willing to face your fear and seize the moment. When you're in a moment that has the potential to alter your future, trust God, step out in faith and move forward. Don't let your dream die inside you because of the risk involved. With God, risk is the bridge that gets you to where He wants you to be.

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