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''He who observes the wind will not sow.'' Ecclesiastes 11:4

Too many of us stand on the dock waiting. We want the ship in place, the gangplank perfectly positioned, the weather right, and an engraved invitation before we're willing to launch out. It will never happen! Dreams don't move toward us, we have to move toward them. One author writes: 'It's time to quit waiting for perfection, inspiration, permission, reassurance, someone to change, the right person to come along, the kids to leave home, the new administration to take over, an absence of risk, someone to discover you, a clear set of instructions, more self-confidence, or the pain to go away. Instead of saying, 'We've never done it before,' say, 'We have the opportunity to be first.' Instead of saying, 'We don't have the resources,' say, 'Necessity fuels invention.' Instead of saying, 'There's not enough time,' say, 'We'll change how we work.' Instead of saying, 'We've already tried that,' say, 'We learned from experience.' Instead of saying, 'We don't have the expertise,' say, 'Let's network with those who do.' Instead of saying, 'Our vendors and customers won't go for it,' say, 'Let's show them the opportunities.' Instead of saying, 'We don't have enough money,' say, 'Maybe there's something we can cut.' Instead of saying, 'We're understaffed,' say, 'We're a lean, hungry team.' Instead of saying, 'It'll never get any better,' say, 'We'll try one more time.' Instead of saying, 'Let somebody else deal with it,' say, 'I'm ready to learn something new.' Instead of saying, 'It's not my job,' say, 'I'll be glad to take the responsibility.' Instead of saying, 'I can't,' say, 'By God's grace I can!'

''He who observes the wind will not sow.'' Ecclesiastes 11:4

Successful people do not spend the majority of their time thinking about what must be done. Instead, they spend twice as much time reflecting on what they have already accomplished, and on how they are capable of accomplishing what they set out to do. Football coach John Wooden said, 'Things turn out best, for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.' Pursuing a God-given dream is a bumpy ride, as every leader in the Bible found out. And only those who think right succeed. The greatest gap between successful people and unsuccessful people is the thinking gap. This is especially so when it comes to failure. Successful people see failure as a regular part of success, and they get over it. Jonah Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine, said: 'As I look upon the experience of an experimentalist, everything that you do is, in a sense, succeeding. It's telling you what not to do, as well as what to do. Not infrequently, I go into the laboratory, and people would say something didn't work. And I say, "Great, we've made a great discovery!" If you thought it was going to work, and it didn't work, that tells you as much as if it did. So my attitude is not one of pitfalls; my attitude is one of challenges and "what is nature telling me?' ' Such tenacity only comes from right thinking, and it is the hallmark of all successful people. They keep trying, keep learning, and keep moving forward. They win the battle in their minds, and then it overflows into what they do.

''He who observes the wind will not sow.'' Ecclesiastes 11:4

There is a strong relationship between our movement toward our dreams, and the resources we need becoming available to us. Too often we want to see the resources, or have them in hand before we start moving forward. When we do that, we have neither the resources nor the movement. We need to be like the snail that started climbing up the apple tree one cold day in February. As he inched his way upward, a worm stuck his head out from a crevice in the tree and said, 'You're wasting your energy. There isn't a single apple up there.' The snail kept on climbing, and replied, 'No, but there will be by the time I get up there!' Over and over in Scripture God sent people out with what seemed like little, or inadequate resources. But when they got to where God wanted them to be, the resources needed to get the job done were in place waiting for them. Vision doesn't follow resources, it happens the other way around. First we have a dream, then we have to move forward. Then-and only then-do people and resources follow. Then the plan God has given to us begins to fall into place. A wise man once said, 'Effort only releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.' People who succeed 'see' what others don't. It's what keeps them moving forward. 'It was by faith that Moses left the land of Egypt, not fearing the king's anger. He kept right on going because he kept his eyes on the one who is invisible.'

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