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God Honors Faithfulness!
"An angel... rolled the stone away." Matthew 28:3 NCV

When the two Mary went to the tomb that first Easter morning, the last thing they expected was to find it empty. After all, they'd just witnessed Jesus crucified, along with most of their dreams. Now, duty-bound, they came to prepare His body for burial.

That day they didn't come to receive, they came to give. And there's no nobler human aspiration. Service prompted by duty is the hallmark of true discipleship. That's why God calls us to love, expecting nothing in return: to give to those who'll never thank us; to forgive those who refuse to reciprocate.

As God watched these two women climbing the mountain that morning, He'd a surprise in store for them. The Bible says that the angel who went to the tomb, and rolled the stone away, said:, "Come...see the place where His body was" (verse 6). The angel didn't move the stone so that Jesus could get out. The One who conquered death can certainly move a rock! No, he moved it so that the women could look in and rejoice. Why? Because God honors faithfulness.

(a) When she was long past childbearing, Sarah believed God and became the mother of nations. (b) When his failure was overwhelming and public, David repented and was pardoned and restored. (c) When the road was darkest for the two Marys, an angel showed up and resurrected their hopes.

Today if your road's been long and dark - don't get discouraged and don't quit! The answer is on the way. God always honors faithfulness, and when necessary, He even sends angels.

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