Christian/Inspirational Movies

"Are you tired of watching violence or sex on your television or in theaters? Even sitcoms, reality shows and cartoons are promoting anti-biblical values. We complain about Hollywood, but they are not listening! They are doing whatever makes a dollar and for the most part we as Christians are helping them by paying to see these movies. Here I will explain, from my point of view as well as interviews with several Christian movie producers and distribution companies, why Christian movies are important, the meaning of theater or DVD releases, and what we as Christians can do to help promote them. I have spent the last several years watching and writing about Christian movies and have been blessed by the ones that truly promoted the Lord. I have watched Christian films from individuals to the big budget productions. The big budget films might be higher quality, but both have strong and inspiring messages. As a Christian I would like to see more faith-based movies available." CLICK HERE to read Dana Chaffin's full article.

I totally agree with Dana.  We need more faith-based movies, TV shows, music and entertainment that we can enjoy with our families and doesn't assault and offend our Christian values.  

On this page I have provided a few high quality Christian/Inspirational movies for your enjoyment and encouragement.  All of these movies can be found on YouTube for sharing with the pubic.