Christian Poetry
Poems by Debra Garnette

Debra writes: "I am a teacher and I love to write poems and short stories. I am a mother and also a grandmother and I love the outdoors."

By Debra Garnette

I am an addict to something you should be.
I am addicted to something you can't see.
I have an addiction I need no cure from.
I have this addiction that I am proud of.

I am addicted to this wonderful wonder.
Can't you guess who's not going under.
One day I know I will overdose.
Overdose?? Yes!! But only on the Holy Ghost.

For I am an addict as I have already said.
And my one addiction is that to a friend.
A wonderful counsellor, a great and mighty God.
Yes!!! My friends I am addicted to...JESUS CHRIST MY LORD. 

(© 2018 Debra Garnette – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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