Christian Short Stories

Family Enjoys Holiday and Birthday Celebrations
By Greg Miller

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Christmas was the favorite holiday of Jackie and her three sisters.

All four young ladies concentrated their Christmas celebration on the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. “Without Jesus’ birth, there wouldn’t be a Christmas to celebrate,” Jan observed.

“You’re right, Sis,” said Jordan. “A decorated tree with lots of gifts underneath would have no meaning apart from Jesus’ birth as the real reason for the season.”

Jillian knew the true meaning of Christmas, but the holiday was also special to her for another reason. “I know Jesus probably wasn’t born on the day we celebrate His birth, but I was actually born on Dec. 25,” Jillian bragged.

Jan was born in November, so she called herself a “Thanksgiving baby.” “Being born in November gives me something special to be thankful for,” Jan said.

Jackie was born on New Year’s Day. “It’s great having my birthday on a day as great as New Year’s Day,” she said.

The young ladies’ dad, Jack, had been born on July 4. “Maybe that’s why I am so independent,” Jack said.

Jack’s wife, Jackee, celebrated her birthday on a different day every year. Sometimes she celebrated the day on Jan. 1. Sometimes she celebrated on her husband’s birthday, sometimes on the birthday of one of her daughters. “I find I get more birthday presents that way,” she chuckled.

Jackee asked her husband and daughters to submit ideas to her about ways the birthday and holiday celebrations could be made better. Jackee planned a special celebration with the family to discuss their ideas. She asked Jack and the couple’s daughters to submit their ideas in writing. “The winner will receive a very special gift,” Jackee said.

Jack thought he had a very time-conserving idea. “Maybe we should consolidate all our holidays and birthdays into one gigantic celebration,” he suggested.

The four sisters were very close, so they decided to submit a single entry to their mom. They suggested that gifts be eliminated from all holiday and birthday celebrations. “We will all save lots of money with this idea,” said Jan.

Jackee felt both ideas were super. However, she chose Jack’s suggestion as the winner. “Now I know why the Lord chose you to be my suitable helper,” she said. As Jack’s reward, Jackee named the new annual holiday, “Jack’s Day.”

“Why did you choose Dad’s idea, Mom?” asked Jackie.

We have been spending far too much time celebrating holidays and birthdays,” Jackee observed. “If we combine all the celebrations into one, we’ll have more time to spend studying God’s word.”

Jackee added, “Also, I think we all enjoy receiving gifts too much to eliminate them completely. I do enjoy giving gifts, but I also love receiving them!”

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