Christian Short Stories

Herbs and Spices Hold Annual Convention
By Greg Miller

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All the world’s herbs and spices gathered for their annual global convention.

Overall, the purpose of each convention was for the uplifting and encouragement of all the attendees. Convention locales changed each year, and were based on various factors.

The most recent of the conventions started calmly and serenely. All the herbs and spices were cool and collected and were being polite to each other.

Before long, however, the attendees began verbally attacking each other, confident that either he or she was more important than the other attendees. “I believe my importance to the world’s culinary scene is the greatest among all of us,” Ginger said. “Not only do I have an unusual flavor, I also have the ability of calming an upset stomach.”

Cumin was convinced of what he called his “vast superiority” to all other attendees. “I’m used in the cuisines of many cultures,” he bragged.

Nutmeg disagreed with Cumin and Ginger’s opinions of themselves. “My powerfully sweet taste also packs a potent punch that is difficult to forget,” she said with an air of authority.

Rosemary, of course, was certain Nutmeg was totally on-target in asserting that she was superior to Cumin and Ginger. “I’m sure you realize, however, that unlike you, I am great when I’m paired with a variety of meats and vegetables,” smiled Rosemary.

“I have a rather unique quality myself,” Turmeric said with greater volume than he normally used. “I’ve been told my taste reminds folks of the great outdoors.”

Since this year’s convention was being held during the winter, Cayenne Pepper felt he was hot stuff. “Hey, I’m sure all of you know how popular I am during this season of the year,” he stated. “People add generous portions of me to their soups, salads and sandwiches, and I’m very glad to be of service.”

Thyme was listening closely to all the statements being made, and she was prepared to make a statement of her own. “Listen up, fellow herbs and spices,” she grinned. “It’s time for me to share my wisdom with you, so it’s time for you to listen.

“We are various colors, textures, and offer a variety of tastes to please a variety of palates. We were all created to do specific jobs in the kitchen, and we should work together. If we’re always concentrating on and bragging about ourselves, that’s all we’re going to get done. If we just concentrate on what the Lord has called us to do as individuals, the work will get done, and the purpose for each of us, to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, will be accomplished.”

Everyone had begun feeling guilty. “Is the sermon over now?” asked Cumin.

“Yes, it is,” Thyme said. “And it’s about time!”

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