Christian Short Stories

Man Convinces Best Friend to Accept Jesus
By Greg Miller

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For several years, Calvin had testified to his best friend Corbin about the fact that Jesus lived in his heart.

“I gave my heart to the Lord when I was about 10 years old,” Calvin said. “He’s made a real positive difference in my life.”

In what ways have you changed?” asked Corbin.

“For one thing, I don’t use vulgar language any more,” Calvin said. “Before I came to the Lord for salvation, I was just like everyone else. I cursed all the time, and I very seldom thought of anyone but myself.

“Then I realized that God didn’t allow me to accept Him into my life just to make my life happier. He showed me He also wanted me to share the gospel with those who also need the basic necessities of life, like food, shelter and clothing.”

“Is that why you decided to become a missionary?” asked Corbin.

“It sure is,” replied Calvin. “I felt God was calling me to give my entire life to the preaching of the gospel to people overseas.”

At least once a week, Calvin asked Corbin if he was ready to accept Christ into his heart. At every opportunity, Corbin refused the invitation.

But Corbin could not get the gospel message out of his mind. He frequently thought of the man named Jesus who had left the glories of heaven and came to earth clothed in the flesh of a man to bring salvation to the world.

Finally, an idea came to Corbin. “I have decided to accept Christ into my life,” he told Calvin. “All I want you to do first is give me one good logical reason for doing so – not a spiritual reason, but a logical one. If you can give me that reason by next weekend, I’ll go to church with you and accept Jesus into my heart.”

Calvin thought long and hard. By the time arrived for the weekend church service, he knew what he was going to tell Corbin. “I’ve been your friend for many years, right?” asked Calvin.

“Many years,” agreed Corbin.

“Here’s one good logical reason for you to accept Jesus as your savior,” said Calvin. “Jesus came into the world to save us from sin. If Jesus hadn’t really risen physically from the dead, it would be pretty foolish to allow Him to live in our hearts and reign over us, right?


“Well, since Jesus is alive and well, the fact that He’s living in my heart makes sense, huh?”

“A lot of sense, Calvin! A lot of sense! And I want Him to live in my heart, too!”

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