Christian Short Stories

Abraham and Sarah Receive a Surprise Blessing
By Greg Miller

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The Sovereign Lord had promised Abraham and Sarah a son.

However, many years had passed, and the promise had not yet been fulfilled. God had spoken to the couple about His divine plan, but year after year, their hearts continued to yearn for the promised son, and their arms still did not have the precious baby to hold.

God, who knows the end from the beginning and the importance of time, existed before time began, so He wasn’t concerned about being late on fulfilling His promises.

One day, Sarah realized she was pregnant. Soon after, Sarah and Abraham had an unusual experience. The couple awoke after a night of restful sleep and were discussing God’s continuous and constant blessings to His people.

“God is so dependable,” Abraham said. “He has proven Himself faithful to me daily since He first began speaking to me.”

“I can count on Him, too!” observed Sarah. “Still, I’m 90 years old, and none of my friends who are my age have ever been with child or had a baby.”

As if on cue, another voice interrupted the conversation. “Good morning, mom and dad,” Isaac said.

“Abraham, I thought I heard another voice, but no one is here with us,” said a surprised Sarah.

“I thought I heard a voice, too,” said a puzzled Abraham. “I do know it wasn’t God’s voice. I hear His voice every day, and it wasn’t Him.”

“No, mom and dad, it wasn’t God!” Isaac declared emphatically from inside the womb. “I’m your son, Isaac. I’m the one the Sovereign Lord promised to you so many years ago. Now, in just a few short months, you’ll be able to hold me in your arms and love me.”

“Oh, we don’t have to wait to love you!” Sarah gushed. “We’ve loved you ever since the moment God promised you to us!”

“That’s right, son,” Abraham agreed. “Our hearts swell with love every time we think of you.”

Abraham had some early advice for his unborn son. “God is a good God,” Abraham said. “As long as you love and serve Him, you will have a wonderfully blessed life.”

“Oh, I’m a quick study, dad,” Isaac said. “I already know about God’s goodness. I know I’m going to be blessed abundantly by the Sovereign Lord, just as He has blessed you. I just have one question for you dad.”

“What’s that, son?”

“After I’m born,” Isaac chuckled,” can you tell me how long I’ll have to wait before I will become the man of the house?”

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