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VBS Director Wants to Expand Program
By Greg Miller

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Rose, the Vacation Bible School Director at her church, wanted to bring added excitement to the congregation’s VBS program.

“Our VBS program is good, but we need to expand it,” she told Pastor Ricky.

“I agree,” the pastor replied. “We’re teaching both children and adults about the Lord Jesus Christ and showing them how to walk in Christ every day. How would you suggest we expand our VBS?”

“I’d like to make it last all year long,” said Rose. “One way would be to have a VBS class every Saturday. The sessions could last all morning and could include Bible lessons, crafts, snacks and play time.”

“Do you have any other options in mind?”

“If we expand the VBS to Saturday mornings, we could host the events every Saturday or only a couple times a month.”

Rose told Pastor Ricky her number one option would be to have the VBS every Monday through Friday. “The parents could bring their children to the church right after school,” Rose said. “We can provide dinner for them, help them with their homework, do all the VBS activities and take the children home by 8:30 p.m. They can get to bed early so they will be rested for school the following day.”

Pastor Ricky liked the idea. “I would like to ask the VBS Committee their opinion,” he stated.

Committee members were in favor of Rose’s idea, but they thought the VBS should be reduced from five nights each week to four. “The committee thought the children might get too tired from attending VBS every night,” Pastor Ricky said.

Three committee members wrote brief notes explaining their reasoning. “These young minds may need to get more rest,” opined Rachel. “I realize God created the human mind to work, but we need to make sure the children are not burdened with too much mental activity.”

Raquel had a different reason for wanting to reduce the number of VBS days from five to four each week. “I think the children need to spend some time at home to bond with their parents,” she wrote.

“The children need to learn to be responsible adults,” wrote Rosebud. “I think they need to spend some time doing chores, cleaning their rooms, etc.”

Pastor Ricky agreed with the committee’s members. “The children can use part of the night off to bond with mom and dad,” he said. “They can spend some of the time doing their chores and resting their minds.”

Teenagers, especially, wanted a night off from VBS. “My daughter, Ruby, says she needs some time to communicate with her friends via social media and on her cell phone. Ruby says, ‘After spending all day at school and all night at VBS, my social life would be a disaster!”

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