Christian Short Stories

Squirrels Go Nuts for the Lord
By Greg Miller

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Squire the Squirrel loved a wide variety of nuts.

Walnuts. Pecans. Pistachios. Peanuts. “Nuts are my life,” Squire said philosophically. “I’m certainly glad the Sovereign Lord created me to be a squirrel.

Squire’s sister, Samantha, also loved nuts, but she was a more finicky eater than her brother. “Cashews are my nut of choice,” she told Squire. “They have a brilliant deliciousness all their own.”

Squire, Samantha, and Squire’s mate, Sophia, scurried along the ground, searching for nuts to add to their winter storage box, hidden deep inside the trunk of a walnut tree.

“The Sovereign Lord must have loved us very much to create us a squirrels and provide all this bounty for us,” said Squire.

“Yes, He certainly must be a kind and loving heavenly father,” agreed Sophia. “We squirrels must be His favorite creations.

“I’m confident we are among His most treasured animals,” observed Samantha. “After all, He provided such a great variety of nuts for us squirrels to enjoy.”

Day after day, the trio of squirrels searched relentlessly for the valuable nutty treasures of which they were so fond. “We’re building a nice supply of food for winter,” said Samantha.

“Yes,” agreed Squire. “By this time next week we should have enough nuts stored away to last us the entire freezin’ season.”

“That’s great,” said Sophia. “It’ll be great to take a long break from looking for nuts and just relax for a few months.”

“I’ll take that time to think about my life,” said Samantha. “I’ll think about the mistakes I’ve made in the past and make plans to change my thinking in such a way that I don’t make the same mistakes all over again.”

“I’ll do a lot of thinking, too,” said Squire. “I’ll think about how blessed I am to have you for my sister and Sophia for my mate.”

Sophia told Squire and Samantha she would be thinking about her upcoming graduation from Squirrel Community College and going to work as the secretary for the CEO of Squirrel Cable Network.

“I intend to use my secretarial skills to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ,” said Sophia. “That’s my main purpose in life.”

“The purpose of all God’s creatures is to exalt the Sovereign Lord,” agreed Squire. “And I’ve come to a nut cracking conclusion.”

“What’s your conclusion?” asked Samantha.

“I can’t speak for any other squirrel, of course,” Squire replied, “but for me not to glorify the Lord would be a bit nutty!”

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