Christian Short Stories

High School Seniors Select Career Paths for Friends
By Greg Miller

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Mr. Patrick, a well-loved high school teacher, was determined to make sure his class of seniors new the importance of planning for their futures.

Mr. Patrick came up with an idea to help his pupils along the way to a wonderful life. One day, he announced, “I want each of you to choose a career…for another student. I have written each of your names on a piece of paper. All the names are here in this hat.”

He continued, “I want each of you to select a name from the hat. For your homework assignment, I want you to decide on a career path for the person whose name you drew. Tomorrow, we will go over your results.”

After decades as a teacher, Mr. Patrick knew how to get the most out of his students, so it was no surprise to him that the next morning, all the students had completed their projects.

Priscilla had drawn the name of Portia, her best friend since kindergarten, from the hat. The two had been best friends since kindergarten, so they knew each other very well. Priscilla knew Portia had no desire for a typical 40-year career, followed by several years of retirement. “Portia,” Priscilla wrote, “I want you to stay at home and have a few children and operate a home-based business. I think that would be the perfect fit for you, plus I believe the Sovereign Lord has given you a sound business mind that will fit in well with the home-based business scenario.”

Pat had drawn the name of Pablo, his next door neighbor. Pat’s message to Pablo: “I want you to become a pastor/evangelist. You have such a great personality, and you get along well with everyone. I believe God has given you these amazing abilities as tools to use in spreading the good news about Jesus Christ.

“It is my recommendation that you learn at least a few of the world’s major languages, as well as some of the more remote tribal dialects. I believe God will use this for His glory as He opens multiple doors for service to Him.”

Peyton had drawn Percy’s name. The two didn’t care very much for each other, but Peyton was determined not to let that fact keep him from completing the assignment. “Percy,” Peyton wrote, “Listen closely, and take notes. I want you to become a firefighter, a sales person, a waiter, an Air Force pilot and a pastry chef.”

A bit of a whiner, Percy told Peyton, “But won’t I be too tired to do all that stuff?”

“Oh don’t worry about it,” Peyton said. “I don’t want you to do everything all at once. Just one of these at a time as a career will be fine.”

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