Christian Short Stories

Couple Helps Reporter Re-discover Misplaced Faith
By Greg Miller

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Azure and his wife Amber used the Christmas holiday to increase the ways they shared the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

As soon as the Thanksgiving holiday was over, the couple began their Christmas shopping at local malls and shopping centers. They greeted passing shoppers with a friendly, “Merry Christmas! Jesus loves you!”

Sometimes they sang Christmas carols as they walked. After a few years of their Christmas evangelism, a local TV news reporter asked to do a story about the couple for the noon newscast.

Andre, the reporter, did reports on various holidays throughout the year. He liked to showcase people, highlighting the spiritual aspect of the ways they celebrated the holidays.

Andre had attended church when he was a young boy, but during his teen years he had begun drifting away from his spiritual foundation. Still, he enjoyed spotlighting the supernatural aspects of the Christmas story. And the Lord was preparing his heart for a miraculous encounter with Azure and Amber, as well as a re-connection with the Sovereign Lord.

The interview was conducted live during the noontime hour. During the early evening newscast, the interview was re-aired.

Azure and Amber arrived in timely fashion for the interview. The couple wore what they called their “Christmas Evangelism Sweaters,” complete with Nativity scene, angel chorus, the Cross on which the Risen Christ had been crucified and a scene depicting Jesus rising into heaven after the Resurrection. When Andre asked about the Christmas sweater, Amber exclaimed, “Christmas is really about much more than Jesus’ birth!”

“That’s right!” Azure affirmed. “It’s also about all aspects of His life and ministry!”

The allotted time for the interview was almost over and, within a few minutes, Andre had to leave the TV studio and go to another assignment. Azure and Amber had already decided to witness to Andre about God’s only begotten son.

Andre told the couple he had accepted Christ into His heart many years earlier, but with the passage of time, he discovered that his love for Jesus had waned. Amber and Azure prayed for Andre, who declared that he wanted to once again experience a stronger relationship with Jesus.

Andre prayed for a renewed spiritual walk. “Thank you for the gift of Jesus and for helping me to realize once again that Jesus is the reason for the season.”

As Andre headed off toward his next assignment, he was determined to witness to his interviewee about his re-found faith. He thought to himself: “Wow! Not only is Jesus the reason for the season, Jesus is the reason for life itself!”

“Yes, I am!” Jesus whispered. “Yes, I am!”

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