Christian Short Stories

Always Keep Jesus on Your Heart’s Throne
By Greg Miller

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Rick, Ray and Roy were discussing the aspects of their lives that occupied the biggest places in their hearts.  

Rick’s heart was full of love for his family, and it showed. He always bragged about his wife, Roberta, and the couple’s daughter, Rita.  

An avid hunter, Roy took advantage of every opportunity to hunt. He always gave half the meat to local orphanages.  

The number one spot in Ray’s heart was occupied by the love of his life - his job. “I have a great job,” said Ray. “I started working for the company about five years ago, and I can go as far as I want to go. The sky’s the limit.”  

All three men attended the same church, where Pastor Richard, the church’s minister, was preaching a series of messages entitled “The King of My Heart.” The final message in the series was entitled “Jesus is Lord of All Your Heart’s Kingdoms.”  

“Jesus is not only seated at the right hand of the father,” said the pastor. “He must be seated on the throne of your heart and my heart.”  

Pastor Richard preached an inspired message, encouraging his parishioners to make Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives. As he concluded his message, Pastor Richard extended an invitation. “If there are things in your lives that have replaced Jesus as the lord of your life, please come to the alter and let God take his rightful place on that throne,” he pleaded.  

Ray, Roy and Rick simultaneously made their way to the front of the church, dropped to their knees and began crying out to the Lord. With a new refreshing of the Holy Spirit within, all three men arose and faced the congregation. Rick asked God to forgive him for setting Roberta and Rita on the throne of his heart. Roy promised he would no longer place hunting on his heart’s throne. Ray promised God his job would no longer rule his heart. As always, the merciful Sovereign Lord extended His grace and forgave the three men.  

Rick shook hands with Pastor Richard and grinned, “It must be nice being a minister and never have to worry about having all sorts of things rule your heart.”  

“That’s quite a misconception you have there, Brother Rick,” the pastor smiled back. “You see, I have an issue with watching professional sports on TV. So no matter the season of the year, I have a battle almost every evening about whether to read my Bible and talk to God, or watch a game that will not have a positive impact on my future or my eternity.”  

The pastor continued, “Sometimes the game wins the battle, and sometimes I win. I am winning more of these battles, so I know someday soon I shall win the war!”

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