Christian Short Stories

God and Couple Discuss Being Truly Thankful
By Greg Miller

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Jacob was thankful he lived in the 21st Century.

Jacob humbly prayed, “Father, I really appreciate the fact you allowed me to be alive in 2017. I know the world has a multitude of problems: Poverty, hunger, drought, famines, floods, and hurricanes, but I can still see your blessings everywhere.”

“You are right, Jacob,” the Sovereign Lord responded. “Although the world’s great problems are many, my love and abundant blessings are much greater. And many of earth’s residents don’t even pause to thank me for their blessings, with the exception of the day many folks call ‘Thanksgiving Day.’”

Jacob mused, “Many people consider Thanksgiving only as a holiday from work and a day to overstuff themselves with their overstuffed turkeys. Sometimes, I have a tough time pushing myself back from the table.”

“I know that, my child,” said the Father. “I also know when you do overeat, you ask for forgiveness, and you make an effort to do better. And you know when you sin and confess that fault to me, I forgive you.”

“I do thank you for your forgiveness, Father. I thank you for all my blessings. I thank you most of all for sending your son, Jesus, into the world to die to save me from sin. Thank you that He was willing to come, and thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to convict me of my sin and draw me to Jesus.”

Jacob’s wife, Jade, entered the room and realized her husband was in a deep conversation with God. The Father knew she did not intend to disturb the ongoing talk, but He realized she needed to be included in the conversation.

Jade had heard a brief part of the discussion, and she decided to ask for forgiveness for something that was only known by her and the Lord. “I feel I’ve been somewhat prideful lately,” said Jade, who sincerely was sorry for the flawed character traits she had been exhibiting. “It hasn’t been intentional, but I still want to ask for your forgiveness.”

“You are forgiven, Jade!” declared the Lord, who always receives joy when He forgives one of His children.

Jacob needed to ask the Lord to forgive him for something else. “I’ve recently been feeling a bit jealous,” he admitted. “I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I get the feeling Jade is closer to you than I am. I am sorry for that, Lord. Please forgive me.”

“Of course, Jacob,” smiled an understanding Father. “But please remember one thing. There is nothing to prevent each of my children from being as close to me as all my other sons and daughters. You can be just as close to me as you want to be! The choice is yours!”

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