Christian Short Stories

Meadow’s Creatures Praise the Lord
By Greg Miller

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“Spring is a wonderful time of the year!” observed Yellow Butterfly, as she floated through the meadow.

Yellow Butterfly’s mate, Neon, silently hummed to himself a tune he had composed for his sweetheart. “What are you humming, honey?” inquired Yellow Butterfly.

“Oh, just a little something I wrote for you, Precious,” Neon smiled. “You’re always so kind to me, and I appreciate it.”

“I know you do,” Yellow Butterfly grinned confidently.

Before Neon began singing in his monotonous, yet attractive voice, he said, “No one has heard the words before. It’s very short and very sweet.”

“Please sing it to me!” Yellow Butterfly squealed.

Neon sang, “Oh, Yellow Butterfly, you are my morning sigh, my life’s greatest love, you’re fresh as the sky, my sweet turtledove. I love you more than words can tell. You, my love, are really so swell!”

All the meadow’s other creatures were keenly aware of the love Yellow Butterfly and Neon had for each other. Roy Rabbit, in fact, was so inspired by the words to Neon’s song, he wrote a verse for his mate, Rachel.

Roy wrote, “Rachel, Rachel, you’re the queen of my heart. I hope we never have to part. You’re a gift from heaven God sent to me. When I am with you, I am happy and free!”

Before spring came to a close, the entire meadow’s population was engaged in singing songs of love. Bobby the Honeybee buzzed out the following rhyme for Bobbie, his mate.

“Sweet, sweet Bobbie, you mean the world to me. Sweet, sweet Bobbie, you’re the sweetest girl honeybee!”

By early summer, the whole area was abuzz with talk about the love songs composed by the creatures which lived in the meadow. People who lived in small villages which dotted the countryside made special trips to see the meadow and listen to the harmonious choruses.

Maxine and Maxwell had just been married for about three months, and they decided to visit the town nearest the community to get a first-hand look at the meadow and its musical creatures.

Maxwell was inspired to write something for Maxine. He wrote, “Maxine, my love, you are so dear. I thank the good Lord for bringing you near. The meadow’s fair creatures are ever so fine, and I am happy you’re forever mine.”

The music touched the Lord’s heart. “I encourage you to continually praise me,” He said. “That’s why I created you.”

Maxwell, Maxine and all the meadow’s creatures decided to meet and praise the Lord together. An atmosphere of worship permeated the meadow as the creatures, along with Maxwell and Maxine, bowed before the creator.

Immensely satisfied with the scene He was observing in the meadow, God smiled and said, “Now this is what I had intended for creation all along!”

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