Christian Short Stories

Jesus will win the final showdown
By Greg Miller

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The forest was full of all kinds of creatures: Short, tall, fat, skinny, furry, and nearly-bald.

Water and food were plentiful throughout the large forest.

The forest was home to both life and death. New plants sprouted, and the animals gave birth to their young at the proper time of year. The forest’s population was also diminished as smaller animals were prey to the larger animals.

Barry the Chipmunk, and his mate, BarrieSue, loved their forest home. They enjoyed the plentiful food and water supply provided by the Sovereign Lord, the Creator.

The chipper chipmunks, however, had little love for Carney and Cleo, the housecats which terrorized them. “You must do something to get rid of those pesky cats,” Cleo demanded. “I’m tired of dealing with them.”

“But I’m only one little chipmunk, and Carney and Cleo are gigantic muscular housecats,” moaned Barry. “Ever since they decided to run away from home and began living in the forest, they have made our lives miserable.”

“So let’s make their lives miserable,“ said BarrieSue. “All of us chipmunks should get together and form an organization to fight back against these bullies.”

BarrieSue appointed herself as a one-chipmunk committee dedicated to promoting the formation of the new organization. The fledgling group held its first meeting about one month later.

Just as she had appointed herself a one-chipmunk promotion committee, BarrieSue appointed herself to chair the group’s first meeting. Ballots were cast to elect officers, and BarrieSue handily won the presidency. Barry was elected to serve as the treasurer. BarrieSue’s best friend, CindySue, became the group’s vice president. CindySue’s sister, CandiSue, was elected to serve as the secretary.

BarrieSue was so enthused about the newly-formed organization that she asked several of her non-chipmunk friends to attend the meeting.

Michael the Mouse and Michelle, Michael’s mate, attended the meeting and were so impressed that they decided to form a similar organization for mice. We’re going to rid the forest of these bullies once and for all,” said Michael. “What’s the world coming to, when we mice and chipmunks can’t even live one day without thinking about being terrorized by these predators?”

Michelle and Michael moved to the forest after being evicted from the home they shared with humans who just didn’t seem to appreciate them. Michelle had overheard a conversation between the husband and wife and relayed something that she had heard in the conversation.

Michelle said the wife told her husband that Jesus won the battle against Satan by dying on the Cross and being resurrected from the dead. “The wife said Jesus was so powerful that even after He died Satan couldn’t keep Him dead,” said Michelle.

Michael chimed in, “And if someone is so powerful that they don’t stay dead after they are killed, the one who killed Him doesn’t stand a chance in the final showdown!”

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