Christian Short Stories

Amazing, Blessing and Gracious Start a New Business
By Greg Miller

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Amazing, Blessing and Gracious were best friends.

The pals had all dreamt of becoming professional chefs most of their lives. “I enjoy cooking for my family, for special church occasions and for other frequent community events,” Amazing told Blessing and Gracious.

“I am thrilled the most when I have an opportunity to make large quantities of sweet treats like cakes, cookies, pies and other tempting delicacies,” gushed Blessing. “And the thing that surprises me the most, is every time I bless a local charity with a love gift of my sweet treats, the Lord always blesses me with an overflow of grace in my own life.”

Gracious was known as the community’s “home-town, home-cooking queen.” Every Friday night, she rented the local high school cafeteria and cooked a meal, served free, for everyone who wanted to attend. “My mom taught me how to cook and she always encouraged me to share with everybody,” she said. “Well, to me, everybody is the entire town.”

About a week after the official arrival of spring, the three friends, who attended the same church, felt the Lord wanted them to begin to conduct a number of projects together. He wanted them to fine tune their efforts and form a business entity that would bless the entire region and, at the same time, minister to their families.

“As you all know, my husband is a real estate developer, and he is continually learning about new properties that are available for purchase,” said Amazing. I’m going to ask him to be on the lookout for any suitable restaurant properties that become available in the downtown area.”

“I’ll get your best recipes and plan our menus from those items,” Blessing said. “Everyone will want to eat at our restaurant.”

“I’ll be thinking of some ideas about how we can make every dining experience a fun time for both adults and children,” Gracious smiled. “When we open the restaurant and start serving meals, I think we should ask people to name each of our meals.”

“That’s a super idea,” replied Blessing. “And we might even consider attaching our names to the names provided to us by the customers. And possibly attach a Biblical name as well. For instance, Nell, one of my friends, teaches a great lesson about Noah’s Ark. We could name a breakfast dish after her class. We could include eggs and several different meats on the plate. The all-you-can-eat chicken, pork, steak, and fish omelet would serve two people.”

What would we call it?” asked Amazing.

“I suggest we call it ‘Noah’s Amazing Graciously Blessed Breakfast Flood of Land Animals Omelet,’” said Blessing.

“There’s one problem,” said Gracious. “The name is so long, it might not fit on the menu!”

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