Christian Short Stories

Students Not Looking Forward to Summer Recess
By Greg Miller

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Jack and John thoroughly enjoyed attending their local elementary school.

The fourth-graders were sad because they realized that, with the rapidly approaching summer break, school would be closed for three months. The notion of this depressing thought was almost more than John, Jack and most of their friends could fathom.

“I love school,” John told Jasmine, the school’s guidance counselor. “I love being with my friends and the teachers, too. I love learning new things and each new day gives me the joy and the challenge of accomplishing that goal.”

“Me, too,” Jack chimed in. “I love learning new things in all our subjects, especially math, science and history.”

Counselor Jasmine was curious. “What do you like the most about history?” she inquired.

Jack responded with a hearty smile. “When I hear about some of history’s biggest happenings, I automatically begin asking questions. And asking questions helps me to learn.”

“Learning is very important,” John agreed. “The lessons we learn today will help us when we become adults.”

Counselor Jasmine asked the two students to share one of their favorite moments in American history. “The writing of the United States Constitution is one of my favorite moments during that time frame,” said Jack.

“We are the greatest and most free country in the word,” Counselor Jasmine said. “The Constitution is a big reason for that fact.”

One of John’s favorite times in U.S. history was the delivery of the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing that era’s slaves. “Thank God for President Abraham Lincoln!” John declared.

Counselor Jasmine acknowledged the hand of God in the formation of the United States. “The birth of America was definitely no accident, but an act of Divine Providence!” she stated.

Jack told Counselor Jasmine he was certain history had taught him at least one very important and valuable lesson. “I hope it’s a lesson I never forget,” said Jack.

“What lesson is that, Jack?”

“It’s simple, but one we human beings seem to have a hard time learning. If we don’t learn the lessons history is trying to teach us, we will be doomed to repeat those lessons. And they are no fun to learn the second time around either!”

“That’s right,” said John. “The Lord Jesus said He would never leave us or forsake us, so we have the Lord to help us, so He can help us in the learning process!”

“And sometimes I need all the help I can get,” grinned Jack. “All the help I can get!”

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