Christian Short Stories

Important Holiday for a Dad and His Son
By Greg Miller

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Father’s Day was one of the most enjoyable holidays for Monroe, who faithfully fulfilled his duties as member of his local police department.

Monroe had followed in the career footsteps of his father, Millard, who rose through the department’s ranks to serve as its chief for 10 years.

Millard always encouraged his son to be a man of honor and character and to always lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout his storied career, Millard received numerous awards for bravery, valor and going above and beyond the call of duty.

By the age of 30, Monroe had received three awards for bravery. He had received two awards for community service.

Father’s Day was a big holiday for Millard, as it was for Monroe. Millard always offered a prayer of thanksgiving for his dad, Matthew, who had served in the Army and killed in combat during World War Two.

Monroe was passing a godly legacy to his twin sons, Micah and Mark, both of whom were planning to become physicians.

Micah and Mark were trained by their mom, Maria, to always honor their father and grandfather. Even as small lads, the boys saw their dad and grandfather as heroes.

The day before Father’s Day was always special for the family, as Monroe and Millard hosted a Father’s Day BBQ Bash. Monroe and Millard’s reputations as extraordinary BBQ chefs were celebrated far and near.

The local TV station always covered the family’s Father’s Day celebration. Mandy, the station’s news director, declared, “This family is a prime example of how we should honor our fathers on a daily basis.”

The station even created the “Millard and Monroe Father’s Day Award.” Each award winner was asked to join the family for its annual Father’s Day celebration.

The award winner was always asked to thank God for the food that was about to be consumed. Moses, the 2017 award winner, offered this prayer. “Lord, I come to you today, thanking you for your manifold blessings. Thank you for the examples Monroe and Millard set for us as fathers every single day.”

Moses continued, “Thank you, Lord, for being a great example by sending your son, Jesus, into the world to die on the cross to save us from sin.

“Also, Lord, we ask you to bless the food to our bodies that we may serve you more every day, and help us to be the fathers you have called us to be!

“By the way, Lord, Happy Father’s Day!”

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