Christian Short Stories

Angel Visits Small Community for Christmas
By Greg Miller

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Watching over the small village, Patrick, an angel, kept his vigil in the darkest part of the pre-dawn blackness.

No, it wasn’t two centuries ago in Bethlehem at the birth of the savior. It was 2017 in rural America, and Patrick was on guard for any sign of allegiance to the Sovereign Lord. As the angel walked through the deserted downtown area, he felt a troubling heaviness in the atmosphere.

Suddenly, the silence was shattered by a shrill whistle of a train rumbling through the community’s downtown area. Just a few short hours before, residents crowded the sidewalks to capture a glimpse of Santa Claus tossing candy from a haystack-decorated firetruck, while high school marching bands played Christmas carols for everyone’s enjoyment.

One particular detail of the unfolding events struck the angel as strange. “It’s a bit peculiar to me that none of the Christmas carols even mentions the birth of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords,” he sighed.

Out of the darkness, suddenly an elderly woman, crippled by decades of infirmity, appeared. She immediately recognized that Patrick was an angel sent from the Lord. “I know God sent you here on a mission,” she stated. “I wanted to speak with you for a moment and thank you for being obedient to the Lord and coming down to keep your vigil here.”

“I always do His work,” Patrick said. “My purpose is to always honor, praise and worship Him.”

Suddenly, an entire choir of angels appeared and provided a heavenly symphony for the entire town which, by this time had been miraculously awakened. “Jesus was born in a stable about 2,000 years ago,” they sang. “But He needs to be born in your hearts tonight! Awake, open your hearts to the savior, and invite Him into the innermost room in your heart!”

The heavenly singing subsided and the angelic choir vanished from view. The angel thanked Pamela for being a witness for the Lord. “God says he appreciates your faithfulness to Him, even when most of the other people in town refuse to even acknowledge Him,” Patrick said.

“Please tell Him that I appreciate Him noticing me and for caring for me over my long life. Tell Him I plan to serve Him for as long as I live.”

“I’ll tell Him,” Patrick smiled. “But you do know that He already knows it, right?”

“That’s right, He does know it, but it never hurts to tell God that you appreciate Him. I’m continually telling Him, throughout every day, that I love Him!”

“I know when you see someone at this time of year, you always say ‘Merry Christmas,’” Patrick observed.

“It’s a very simple concept, because Christmas without Jesus just isn’t Christmas!” Pamela declared.

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