Christian Short Stories

Residents Learn About the Spirit of Giving
By Greg Miller

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The small community was filled with the spirit of Christmas.

As they walked to school, children filled the air with Christmas carols. Their voices vibrated with happiness. In just a few short days, schools would close for their Christmas break. Even the community’s adults were ready to be blessed with gifts.

As anxious as they were to receive gifts, residents were just as willing to bless others with their heartfelt generosity.

Thomas, the town’s manager, decided to share the gift of his mayoral title. In a letter to the town’s newspaper, Thomas wrote, “In the coming year, a different citizen in our community will be chosen to be ‘honorary mayor’ each day. If you want to be ‘mayor for a day,’ send an email to me and let me know your reason.”

Tim enjoyed portraying Santa Claus at shopping centers, so he arranged with the managers of the town’s two strip malls to appear as Santa. Tim owned several successful businesses, so he purchased dozens of gifts, which he gave to shoppers.

“As long as I’m alive, there will always be a Santa,” Tim told Tamara, his wife.

“And as long as I’m alive, there will always be a Mrs. Santa, because I am sharing you with the world,” Tamara smiled. “That’s my annual global Christmas gift.”

Tammi, whom God had blessed with a desire and ability to produce beautiful creations with her hands, made toys for all the youngsters in the town’s orphanage. “Trains for boys and dolls for girls – that’s my motto,” she said.

Although most of the town’s residents possessed the Christmas spirit, a few people were only interested in the gifts they would receive. “All I want is the things I’ve wanted for the past five years and have not received,” Teresa said. “If everyone in town just got one small gift for me, my problem would be solved.”

Tony, the town’s treasurer, was also more interested in receiving than giving. “I’m going to request that the town council raise property taxes by two percent,” he said. “That will guarantee me a raise for the next few years. Then I can retire.”

Tabitha went so far as to accuse God’s Word of being untruthful. “The Bible teaches it’s more blessed to give than to receive,” she told Pastor Tyrone. “But I always feel much better after I receive a gift than after I give one.”

“It’s not about how you feel,” replied Pastor Tyrone. “It’s about God’s Word being true. The key is the attitude in which you give. God loves a cheerful giver. The word cheerful means hilarious. I like to think of it as giving from an extremely happy and joyful perspective. That’s just about as cheerful as you can get!”

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