Christian Short Stories

Contest Determines Who Loves God’s Word the Most
By Greg Miller

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Teresa, Tex and Tomassina were the finalists in their church’s contest to determine the parishioner who loved God’s Word the most.

Each finalist attended all the church’s worship services and Bible studies. Tex listened attentively most of the time, but occasionally checked his cell phone for text messages from his girlfriend.

Teresa enjoyed the Bible studies, but she had a tendency to let her thoughts wonder to her two-year-old daughter, Tabby, who was enrolled in a children’s program in the activities building. At least once during every Bible study, Teresa checked on her daughter.

Tomassina didn’t allow her mind to detour from the pastor’s remarks. She also frequently asked questions and shared her thoughts with other parishioners. “I want to learn all I can about and from God’s Word!” she declared.

In addition to regular church activities, Tomassina, Teresa and Tex participated in many community events. Tex went bowling with a group of fellow workers every Monday. Every Friday, Teresa went with friends to numerous yard sales. Tomassina spent at least an hour each morning reading and studying God’s Word.

Pastor Torrance announced he was going to visit each home prior to the announcement of the winner. “My visits could be crucial to the outcome of the contest,” he said.

Tex invited Pastor Torrance to sit on the sofa. “Would you like to watch the rest of this cowboy movie with me?” Tex asked.

“Thanks, but I can only stay for a few minutes. I’m here about the Bible contest at church. By the way, Tex, I don’t see your Bible.”

“I was eating some of my delicious homemade vegetable soup last night, and I accidentally spilled some of the soup on my Bible. I cleaned up the mess, but my Bible is still wet.”

Pastor Torrance thanked Tex for his hospitality and headed toward Teresa’s home. Knocking on her door, he could smell the fragrant aroma of steak, onions and potatoes coming from the oven.

Teresa greeted the pastor and invited him to stay for dinner. “I would be happy to,” said pastor Torrance. “Then I have one more visit to make today.”

After dinner, Pastor Torrance asked, “Teresa, where is your Bible?”

“It’s in the den, pastor,” Teresa stretched the truth, knowing she had sold the holy book at her yard sale earlier in the day.

After a brief visit with Teresa, Pastor Torrance went to Tomassina’s home. The entire residence was filled with God’s magnificent presence. Bibles were in every room, and soft Christian music provided a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Pastor Torrance was excited about the ambiance in Tomassina’s home. “I have found my winner right here!” he smiled to himself. “I have found my winner right here!”

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