Christian Short Stories

Family Observes Two Thanksgiving Celebrations
By Greg Miller

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Olive and her sister, Olivia, were best friends. The twins nearly always saw eye-to-eye on almost everything, and they immensely enjoyed each other’s company.

Thanksgiving was the girls’ favorite holiday because they and their parents celebrated the big day two times each year. The first of the two annual celebrations was held in mid-October, while the second festive day was held on the traditional Thanksgiving holiday.

The girls, assisted by their mother, Oriole, prepared the mid-October meal as part of their growing-up process. “I want you girls to be among the best cooks in the city,” said Oriole. “The better you can cook, the better your life will be.”

“I think they’re already among the best cooks in town,” said Oswin, the girls’ dad.

“Thanks, dad,” said Olivia.

“Yeah, thanks,” Olive chimed in.

The family continued to plan for their first Thanksgiving observance of the season. Finally, the day arrived and everyone was anxious to sit down together and enjoy each other’s company, as well as the abundant feast.

As was their custom, each family member shared the reasons he or she was thankful. “What are you thankful for?” Oswin asked Oriole.

“Oh, I’m thankful for the family with which the

Sovereign Lord has blessed me!” Oriole declared.

“I’m blessed beyond measure to look just like Olive, who is the most beautiful sister in the world,” said Olivia.

“I thank God because my mother is the best mom in the world, my dad is the best father in the world, and my sister is the best sister in the world,” said Olive.

Being the family patriarch, Oswin’s Thanksgiving observation was a bit longer than those of other family members. “I’m thankful for a faithful, loving wife and two adorable daughters,” Oswin said. “I’m grateful for parents who loved me and taught me the importance of hard work and being the best person I can be.

“I’m grateful that my two daughters have learned to cook so well. I know after they finish school and get married, I’ll always be welcome at their tables for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.”

“I’m also thankful for one more thing,” Olive said.

“What’s that, honey?” asked Oriole.

“I’m thankful that I really have two fathers. Dad is my earthly father, but the Lord in heaven is my heavenly father and for that I will be eternally grateful!”

“Come to think of it, as Christians all of us have two fathers,” said Olivia. “Our earthly dads are the best fathers in the world, and our heavenly dad is the best father of all, because He is out of this world!”

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