Christian Short Stories

God Gives New Task to Busy Believer
By Greg Miller

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Christian wholeheartedly loved God, and he wanted to spend all his time working for God.

No matter where he went, Christian always exalted the Lord. At the supermarket, he assisted other customers who seemed to be having trouble finding specific items. On his visits to the local zoo, he spent part of his time explaining the truth of creation to anyone who would listen. When he ate dinner at his favorite local restaurant, Christian always bowed his head, asking God to bless the food.

Christian prayed, “I want to do more for you, Father! You sent Jesus to earth to die for my sins, but no matter what I do, it’s never going to be enough to repay you for sending Jesus to earth to die for me!”

“I’m very glad you’re living your life for me!” God said. “You’re doing more than many others are doing! Some people actually think if they attend church services two or three times a week, they are doing me a favor. I am thrilled when my people go to church to worship me, but if a believer goes to church with the right attitude, it’s going to benefit them immensely and help them to live happier lives.

“When the collection plate is passed around to receive the offering, some people think, ‘Oh, no, here’s the money plate again.’ They don’t seem to realize when they take advantage of an opportunity to cheerfully give, I will drop many more blessings into their lap. So I am very glad you’re so effectively using your time and talents to witness for me.”

“But is there anything else I can do?” asked Christian.

“I would like for you to do one other thing for me,” said the Lord.

“Yes sir!” exclaimed Christian.

“I know every weekend after church, your wife, Mrs. Christian, prepares a very delicious home-cooked meal for the two of you!” God explained. “And I also know you have been talking about wanting more fellowship following the morning service. So I want you to invite another family to eat lunch with you every weekend. I’ve already spoken with Mrs. Christian, and she’s all for the idea!”

“That’s great!” Christian said.

“From now on, visitors will be coming to the church each weekend. Many of them will be non-Christians, and these are the ones I want you and your wife to invite home with you. After you witness to them, they will give their hearts to me.”

“That’s wonderful!” Christian declared. “And after they accept Christ into their hearts, I know they will want to be back in church for the evening service!”

“I know that, too,” the Lord smiled. “I know that, too.”

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