Christian Short Stories

Husband and Wife Begin Serving the Lord
By Greg Miller

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In their decade of, as Edgar put it, “total marital happiness,” the couple had traveled a long way in their spiritual journey. Edgar had been raised in church, but had never made a commitment to serve the Sovereign Lord. Up until the time she met Edgar, Ella had never been inside a church.

Edgar worked as a truck driver for a company which distributed fruits and vegetables to a nationwide network of stores. Ella was employed as a meteorologist at the town’s television station.

On his route, Edgar frequented his favorite truck stop to refuel both his truck and himself. The truck stop featured a restaurant which specialized in home-style cooking. Edgar usually sat in his favorite booth and was served by Eleanor, his favorite waitress.

A typical meal for Edgar was hamburger steak and gravy, mashed potatoes and green beans, a tall glass of lemonade and a huge slice of homemade cherry pie with strawberry ice cream.

Eleanor thought of her job as a ministry, and she took advantage of every opportunity to share her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ with diners. One day, Eleanor realized she had never spoken with Edgar about the Lord, so she invited him to church.

“I will try to visit your church the next time I am in town,” Edgar promised.

True to his word, Edgar showed up for a Sunday morning worship service. After Pastor Ezra preached a dynamic Holy Spirit-inspired message, and Edgar immediately responded, fully committing his life to Jesus.

In a split second, Edgar’s world totally changed. For his entire adult life, he had been focusing on himself. Now, his focus looked outward. “I must look at others as if my eyes are Jesus’ eyes,” he told himself.

Edgar called Ella and shared his good news with her. “I’ve also given my heart to the Lord,” Ella beamed. “I’m totally looking forward to us having a Christian marriage and raising our daughter, Elisa, to serve the Lord. Then she can begin witnessing about Jesus to her friends at school.”

“We both had good news today!” Edgar said. “I also want us to start working in the church’s mission department.”

“I’ll go along with that idea,” said Ella. “Most of the world still doesn’t know about Jesus, and I think we should spend the rest of our lives remedying that problem. I think we need to try to reach every person in the world with the good news of Jesus.”

“Amen to that,” Edgar grinned. “Amen to that.”

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