Christian Short Stories

Rodent and Human Congregations Split
By Greg Miller

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Cheddar the church mouse was very proud of his family.

While Cheddar was the church mouse of a small-town church, some of his family members served as church mice for larger churches in bigger metropolitan areas.

Chad, Cheddar’s younger brother, worked as a church mouse in a church across town from Cheddar’s church. The two brothers met regularly to discuss their respective ministries, as well as other topics.

The two mice, of course, enjoyed snacking on the finest cheese and cheese-flavored soft drinks. They met at their favorite Rodent Snack Shoppe, where they also talked about the increase or decrease in numbers in their human and rodent congregations.

“Our attendance in mice has risen substantially over the past few months,” said Chad. “However, the number of our human parishioners has dropped significantly.”

Cheddar said he had observed similar numerical fluctuations at his church. “I don’t understand it,” Cheddar told his brother. “It seems the larger our rodent numbers are, the greater decrease the human church seems to experience.”

“It’s the same at our church,” Chad frowned. “I don’t think our human brothers and sisters like us rodents very much.”

“I’m on speaking terms and a first-name basis with the human pastor at our church,” said Cheddar. “I’ll talk discuss the situation with him this weekend and see if we can find a solution.”

“That would be great!” Chad exclaimed. “You can talk to me about it when we meet again next week.”

Cheddar spoke with Pastor Charles about the apparent rift between the local human and rodent congregations. The meeting was open and frank. After a lengthy discussion, they agreed the best idea would be for the rodent church members to find other locations in which to worship.

They agreed that Jesus died on the cross to pay for eternal life for all humans who accepted that sacrifice as atonement for their own sins. They also agreed that it probably wasn’t practical to combine human and rodent worship styles.

“We will, of course, continue to pray for all members of the rodent churches,” said Pastor Charles.

“And we’ll pray for our human brothers and sisters,” said Cheddar.

Cheddar and Chad met several days later at the Rodent Snack Shoppe. “I’m sorry we had to be part of a church split,” said Cheddar. “But I believe it’s for the best.”

“I know you’re right,” said Chad. “But I have a wonderful idea for an annual celebration that may draw our congregations closer together. I’m going to suggest an annual cheese tasting festival.”

“Super idea!” said Cheddar. “Humans love cheese as much as we do. If we can all agree on something as simple as cheese, one day we may actually learn to like each other!”

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