Christian Short Stories

Zoo’s Animals Vie for Leadership Role
By Greg Miller

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The animals which lived in a big-city zoo held a conference to choose their first leader.

“I’m the slyest animal at the zoo,” bragged Francis, the zoo’s most seasoned senior citizen fox. “Some of the residents here say they think I am sly beyond my years.”

Lucky the Lion, was determined to be considered for the leadership position. “One of my distant cousins, Loren, is king of the world’s largest jungle,” Loren told the zoo’s closed-circuit TV channel. “Being a leader definitely runs in our family.”

Carla the Chimp felt she was the ideal candidate for the leadership role. “Every good leader must be able to communicate using the right amount of humor,” Carla grinned. “And I have the most humor of any animal here at the zoo.”

Paula the Polar Bear said she was in better physical condition than any of the facility’s other animals. “I exercise every day, and I always eat every morsel of the healthy and delicious food the zookeeper provides for me,” Paula said. “Plus, I think I’m the best-looking polar bear in the world.”

Sidney the Seal wasn’t much for making public appearances, but he had the approval of Sophie, his mate. “Sidney is a great leader in our home,” Sophie said. “So he is a smart choice to lead all our zoo’s animals.”

Ellie the Elephant, the tallest and biggest animal at the zoo, had an ego and a tendency toward violence that matched her physical size. “Since I’m the largest and heaviest resident in this facility, I think I am automatically the most-qualified candidate to be the leader,” she said. Just think about it, if any creature tries to mess with any of us, a single motion with one foot can pulverize the problem.”

Oliver, the zoo’s top owl, was the final zoo resident to throw his candidate’s hat into the proverbial ring. “Every creature knows owls are the wisest animals around,” he announced. “Therefore, it’s only good sense to make your vote a wise vote and ‘Vote for Oliver.’”

Oliver, in fact, was the wisest creature at the zoo. He reminded the other animals of the fact that thousands of years ago, back in the Garden of Eden, no animal was in control. “All the animals were controlled by a man,” Oliver stated. “This man was created in the image of God and God gave him complete control over all creation. And, by the way, I understand that our current zookeeper has the same name as the one created in God’s image.”

Carla the Chimp curiously inquired, “What is his name?”

Although he was known for his wisdom, Oliver wasn’t afraid to try an occasional attempt at humor. “Adam, of course,” he grinned. “And his wife’s name is Eve!”

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