Christian Short Stories

Farmer Sows Seeds and Anticipates a Bumper Crop!
By Greg Miller

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A modern-day farmer named Elijah planted a variety of crops.

“I’ve sowed my seeds into fertile soil,” Elijah told Elizabeth, his wife. “I’m going to regularly uproot the weeds. God is going to provide me with the proper sunshine and rain, and I will have a super harvest.”

“You’re a great husband and a wonderful farmer,” Elizabeth observed. “You and God have a great partnership. You do your part, and He always does His part.”

“Sharing is a big part of the equation,” Elijah reminded His wife. “I give the church 10 percent of the vegetables to share with needy families in the community. And when I sell the rest, I give God 10 percent of that, too. God has never let me down yet.”

“Yes, the Sovereign Lord is surely faithful,” said Elizabeth.

“He’s even more faithful to us than we are to Him,” smiled Elijah.

For several weeks after Elijah sowed the seeds, he faithfully pulled every weed. The sun was plentiful, but the rainfall was sporadic, so the vegetables weren’t growing as rapidly as they should have been growing.

Satan sent one of his demons, Evan, to whisper seeds of doubt into Elijah’s mind. “See,” Evan said gleefully. “Your crops are hardly growing at all. You’ll be lucky to make enough money to even pay for your seed.”

“There’s no such thing as luck,” Elijah shouted loudly into Evan’s ear. “I’ve trusted in the Sovereign Lord, not in a less than all-powerful devil, so everything is going to turn out all right.”

Elijah prayed to his heavenly father, “I thank you, Lord, that you are faithful and true, righteous and just, so I know you will hear my prayer and send the proper amount of rain for my crops and my neighbors’ crops, too.”

The following day, Elijah began declaring that rain was coming. Each day, he decreed, “God is providing today the proper amount of rain my neighbors and I need for a bountiful harvest. In Jesus’ name! God is a good God, and I am expecting a miracle today!”

As always, God proved faithful to this namesake of the Old Testament prophet, who prayed for rain to stop then to begin again. Some days, rain began early in the morning and the clean fresh smell of falling rain was present all day. Some days, sporadic showers and hours of sunshine shared the skies. Other days, not a cloud appeared, as the sun helped the vegetables to grow tall and strong.

Months later, Elijah’s faithfulness to God was rewarded. After the crops were harvested, Elijah told Elizabeth, “I knew God would keep His promises. God is faithful. God is true. I knew before I sowed my seeds God was going to give me a bumper crop!”

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