Christian Short Stories

Twin Brothers Use Love of Animals to Honor God
By Greg Miller

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Ever since elementary school, twin brothers Jamison and Jalen had been planning to open a hospital/veterinary clinic to treat the pets of low income families.

“I can’t wait until this school year is over!” exclaimed Jalen, at the beginning of the brothers’ senior year of high school. “I am so excited to start my freshman college studies in the fall.”

“I can relate, Jalen!” declared Jamison. “We’re both super excited to start our college careers, so we can graduate and open our hospital/veterinary clinic.”

The teenagers planned to offer their veterinary services for about half the usual rate they knew they could charge. “This will be done as a ministry to the Sovereign Lord!” declared Jalen.

Time, as is its tendency, passed rapidly, and Jalen and Jamison graduated from high school. Soon after, they began their freshman college year.

In what seemed to be the twinkling of an eye, Jalen and Jamison’s four years of college settled into the pages of recorded history. The brothers then obtained a large piece of property, along with a suitable building, hired all necessary staff, and prepared to open their facility.

The clinic’s doors were open to animals of all shapes, sizes, and species. The brothers ran a newspaper ad, which stated, “Cats and dogs, rabbits and hogs…We’ll even treat your frog on a knot on a log.”

Jamison and Jalen wanted to help other students who loved animals and who wanted to work in a hospital/veterinary clinic. The brothers offered free health insurance to all their employees, as well as a complimentary annual exam to all employees’ pets.

To help promote the new clinic’s opening, Jalen and Jamison worked out an agreement with the local pet shop to offer a free bag of dog or cat food to the first 100 customers who brought their pet to the hospital/veterinary clinic. Those customers also received a coupon for a free meal at the town’s only fast food restaurant.

The brothers were committed Christians, so they invited all their customers to the town’s only church. The church’s minister, Pastor Jasper, even agreed to host a special service to bless the animals during a special Sunday afternoon service at the church.

A large crowd of humans and their pets assembled for the special service. Pastor Jasper prayed a special prayer, “Heavenly Father, thank for all the people who have gathered here for a special prayer of blessing upon their pets. Bless everyone, and bless all their pets. Help the pets’ owners to always treat their animals with kindness and respect, and help all of us to always show your love and compassion to each other every day!”

“Meow, meow! (Praise the Lord!) purred the felines.

“Bow wow! (Amen!) barked the canines. “Amen!”

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