Prophetic Words

  • Awaken you sleeping ones. My love is freely available to you. I have made the way for your life. I have justified you before My Father. His love abounds for all that you are. The magnitude of Our love goes beyond all that you have experienced before. Be still and soak in Our love. Jesus Christ came in the flesh. As you speak My love into your life, your words bring My presence with its all encompassing radiance. I love you. My purposes for your life are full of abundance and joy overflowing with My love. As you turn afresh to Me, I am there for you. Allow Me to touch your life in powerful ways as you walk in My blessing. There is no need for anguish as My love impacts all of your life. Jesus is Lord.
    John 4:8-15; Psalm 16

  • There is no turning back. What I am doing in the world is now accelerating and there is no turning back for anyone. Stand in faith in this time of My glory. As the pre-dawn ebbing and flowing has many questioning, the morning light is about to burst forth. Now is the hour to take hold of all that I am and let the anguish of the world slide past you. I am. Jesus is Lord. Spare no effort to seek all that I am in your life and allow My love to engulf your world. I am love.
    Acts 1:8-19

  • As the awakening of the dawn of the Kingdom age starts to impact the world, many things on the earth are changing. Don’t expect the old ways to continue. The shifting and shaking is just beginning. Stand on My word as the cornerstone of your life. The baling of hay takes place in summer but My glory is seen in every season. My glory is the manifestation of all that I am. The birds gather twigs for their nest in season. My glory shines in every season. The past is the past and you will see the new revelation of My love in ways that are beyond what you have imagined. The glory cloud descended in days of old to mask the majesty of all that I am. Now the glory will be seen and My grace will impact nations. Be filled with My joy as all that I am begins to be revealed. Jesus is Lord.
    Jeremiah 48:9-11

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