Prophetic Words
"Stepping Out In Faith"

  • Take no more. You have the power to command a difference. Don’t put up with it. Speak into every situation and watch My power deliver. The world needs the emphatic delivery of My power. I have placed that power in the hands of My people. My name and faith in it are it. Deliver it with love. Jesus is Lord.
    Nahum 2:1-3

  • I am the way, the truth and the life. There is no need for anguish. There is no need to lose your peace. My grace is sufficient for all your needs. I was born into the world that you might have everything of Me. I have opened the way for bountiful blessings without measure for you. Take hold of these blessings. Claim them for your life. Don’t ignore what I was born for. Receive My love. I love you and I yearn for your love. I am love and I have made you to love. Embrace it and pour out My love to others. This will make your life complete in Me.
    1 John 1:4-8

  • Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Jesus is God. Let no man tell you otherwise. My peace fills your life when you take My words into your heart and live by them. Let My love abound in all that you do. Speak My words and let the power of them penetrate your life. When there is difficulty you see in the way ahead, look to Me. I will light your path and make a way where there is no way. Stand strong in My word. Let your faith be your strong arm. Speak the belief for I will take you through when you keep Me in your heart. I am your Lord and you can rely on Me. The passing of time does not change Me. I am. Open your heart to Me. Let Me flood your life with My love for I am He that sets you free. I am love. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 5:14-18

  • There is no need to look back. The way I am moving forward has no precedent. The word is fulfilled in Me. I am precise. Walk out all that I have for you. Stand in faith and do not let doubt enter into your thinking. Take hold of My plans for your life, believe that I can bring them to fruition and watch them unfold before you. My word is powerful. Stand on My word, study My word, love My word, take it into your heart and believe that every part of it is true and will happen. There is no other way. I am. Jesus is Lord of all. Stand firm on My word and don’t be influenced by words of unbelieving man. The passing of time will deliver every part of My word to a world that will stand in awe.
    Jeremiah 49:15-21

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