Prophetic Words
"What Jesus is Doing"

  • I am in this place. My timing is perfect. Let the revelation of My power be the signal fire for what I am doing in the world. Hearts are changing in unprecedented ways. My church will be marshalled for the greatest harvest of all time. Tell the church to prepare itself for the harvest. There will be no turning back. The greatest time in man’s history is unfolding before your eyes. I am revealing Myself so walk confidently without reservation. Jesus is Lord and the devil is defeated. Now that will be enforced beyond measure. Seek Me. Stay close to Me. Let My love wash over your life. I am. Yahweh is the redeemer.
    Isaiah 13:12-19

  • There is absolutely no doubt. I am moving powerfully. You will see My glory more and more around your life. Urge everyone to seek Me more. Step out and see the power manifest. There are people everywhere who are questioning the ways of their world. Offer Me to them. Jesus is Lord.
    Isaiah 48:12-15

  • As sure as the waves wash up on the shore, I am not going to let unrighteous men despoil My young ones. I will not stand by. I will not stand for it. My love is available to all. My mercy knows no bounds. I have freely given. Look to Me and I will welcome you and give you a new life in Me. The past is forgotten through Me. Your life is redeemed from all unrighteousness in Me. I offer it all to you. If you still reject Me, My sorrow for you is deep and the justice is delivered without remission. Once more, take it to My cross and be justified for all time.
    John 18:4, Luke 12:1

  • Things are different from today. You will see a difference. When you see it, know that I am moving powerfully. Let My love fill your life and assist those in need of help as the change becomes apparent. Stay close to Me. Use My gifts and minister salvation to those in need. Walk in My peace during this time of unprecedented change. Live in My joy as you see Me in My glory. Now is the time to accelerate your seeking and desire to abide in Me through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. I love you. I want you closer to Me. I want to be carried in your heart. Carry Me in your heart. Wear Me as part of you. Share Me with everyone you have contact with. I am the way, the truth and the life for them. They will know Me.
    Revelation 11:18-19, 12:1-6

  • This year I am pouring out My Spirit in ways you have not seen before. Draw close to Me. Take Me deeper into your heart. Spend time with Me. Walk with Me. Let My love abide all around your life. Pour out to others. Allow the power of the Holy Spirit to fill all that you are and all that you seek. I am love and I want My love to take you to places you have never been before. Allow Me into your heart in ways you have not experienced before. Do not strive in your own strength. Let My grace be sufficient for all I have for you. Allow your rest to be in My peace. I want to pour out My love through you and show it through your life. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 3:18-24, 4:1
    (Accompanied by “With All I Am” – Hillsong)

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