Prophetic Words
"Journeying With Jesus"

  • There is no doubt. Time will not stand still for any man. The way I am moving is beyond human comprehension. My love will flow where and how no one has imagined. Walk in this as it unfolds and have faith because My power is real. Don't be awestruck but be alert as I will be using many people in many ways. Walk in faith and in love and listen to My voice so I can direct your steps. There is much more to come as I move. I want you to seek me as each door opens before you. I love everyone so expect that My power will touch those that some of the world's people regard as untouchable. I weep for the lost ones who need me so much. I am love. Jesus is Lord. I am humble.
    John 8:14

  • The day is at hand. The twisting and turning and avoiding reality is over. I am here for one purpose only – the redemption of all mankind from the curse and thereby release from the grasp of satan. Any who doubt Me will have serious regrets. There is no looking back in a time when My power is visible to all mankind. Abide in Me. Draw close to Me. Seek Me. Don’t tarry. Don’t delay. Don’t avoid Me. I am the only way, the only truth and the only light. Spare no effort to ignite your life with Me. My love, grace and mercy is freely given. My peace is available to you and My power operates in that peace. Let love abound in your life. Jesus IS Lord.
    Nahum 2:12-13, 3:1

  • Find time for Me. I am the answer. Your need for chasing after unnecessary matters in your life is not of Me. Walk away from all that distracts. Walk into My peace and the power of My resurrection. When My joy fills your life, your heart is refreshed and I will ignite a new you. Abide in My presence for I am with you and My love can surround your life. Walk with Me. Run with Me. Take Me into your heart and never be the same again. My love is available to you. Seek Me and My love will abide in your life. This is My will for your life. I am love. Jesus is Lord.
    Galatians 4:1-6

  • My love is sufficient for all. Take no heed of past indiscretions. Walk in a mighty peace without regret. The need for any regrets or passive anguish is no more. I am your answer. I am your deliverer from all torment. The past is the past. I am your present and your future. Walk with Me. Talk with Me. Don’t look back. Let’s move together in a new realm of My power. Stand in faith for there is a new revelation of what I can do through you. I am right here with you and My purposes are being achieved in every way. Listen to the sound of My trumpets. Expect more than ever before and do not limit Me in any way. Pray believing and expecting and see My glory unfold before your eyes. I am love. My love is filling the earth. Stand with Me. Jesus is Lord.
    John 21:9-12

  • Jesus is Lord. Take hold of all that I have for you. Don’t look to the left or the right. Keep your eyes fixed firmly on Me. Stay focused on My love and keep your heart pure for Me. There is no weakness in compassion but strength and the power of My love. Rejoice in My righteousness for within it lies keys to unlock the anguish that holds people back. Untie the knots in people’s hearts with the grace and mercy in My love. We are all ministers to each other. When issues look insurmountable, use the power in My name, stay in My peace and let My love embrace your life. I love you.
    John 12:21-25

  • Great is My faithfulness. My power is a joy to behold. My love in your heart is a treasure. The time you spend with Me is your time of renewal. The words you speak in faith set you on a path. Your attitude is the building block of your character. The deeper you are in Me, the greater the increase around your life. As you walk boldly in My power and grace, I open more opportunities to increase in My anointing around your life. The gifts I give are for you to minister to the ones I bring to you. Share the gift and seek more of Me. I am the way to fulfil all that I have for your life. I love you. Give your heart to Me and I will change your life forever. The power of My love in your life is your way to incomparable joy, peace and a bountiful life. I am your answer. I am love.
    Deuteronomy 28:1-14
    (Accompanied by “The Stand” – Hillsong United)

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