Prophetic Words

  • Love everyone. The way forward is inextricably bound in love. I am pouring out My love through you and people I have chosen. Rest in that love because, in that love, My power will flourish. I am love.
    John 10:14, 41

  • There is a choice. I am the right choice. The location of decision making in your heart rather than your mind reveals Me to the world. The simple life of servitude to others opens a world beyond natural possibilities. I can touch your life in ways that your mind has difficulty comprehending. Let your heart be open to Me and I will take your life and make it great. There are many opportunities when My love becomes the focus of your life. Pour out My love and I will replenish your life in great abundance. There is more, much, much more. Let My love wash over your life. Taste and see that I am good. Invite Me into your heart. I can transform your life in wonderful ways.
    John 18:4-6

  • Let My reign begin. The power of My peace is not measurable in human terms. My joy abounds in love. The opportunity to walk in My power is available to all who believe in Me. There is no limit for those who walk in faith in Me. Ignite in My love for there is little to carry when your door is open to Me. There are many opportunities for My grace to abound in works. There are more opportunities for My power to abound in My love. Let My grace and love fill your life and you will see a harvest of no remorse. Overlay faith in Me and you are functioning in the way I want you to be. I am love. You are an expression of My love to those you minister to. Walk at peace in My love. I love you. I love those around you. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 3:18-20

  • I am love. Let My love infuse your life with a new depth of peace. My love is the source of My power to change lives. There is nothing that compares to it. Let My love fill your life with uncompromising joy. Let nothing ruffle your feathers. My place in your heart determines your place in the world around you. Uncompromising devotion to Me opens your heart to great love, joy and peace. Love Me. I love you. Carry in your heart a need to help those who are struggling. I can set them free. Nothing else will answer the cry in their heart. Nothing else will fill their lives with My love which is what they need. I am love. Jesus is Lord.
    John 10:14-18

  • I am love. My love knows no bounds. There is no one who cannot be touched by the power of My love. Do not give up on anyone. Let My love pour out to those around you and change will come. The obstacles man places in My way are temporary. Abide in My love. Let it fill your life. Let My joy arise out of that love. There is more, much, much more.
    John 12:14-18
    (Accompanied by “Eagles Wings” – Hillsong)

  • I love you. My love is all that you need to ignite your life in Me. When the power of My love touches your life, a new revelation of Me arises in your heart. The suffering of man does not deliver release from the truth of My power available for their life. When the revelation of My power abounds in people’s hearts and flourishes in their lives, they will be set free. Jesus is Lord. Take hold of Me, believe My impact on your life, walk in My love and see Me in all that you do and I will change your life in ways beyond people’s comprehension. I am the light. There is nothing else. Come to Me all you who are heavy laden, I will give you rest and refreshment. Love those around you and show them My light. I am love.
    1 John 3:12-19
    (Accompanied by “Your Love” – Hillsong)

  • Walk in My peace. The great experience of My love ignites your life in so many ways. Without My love, your life is empty. Take My love into your life. Let My love wash over all that you are. There is power and strength in the bosom of My love. Abide in Me with great expectation. My love brings you closer to Me as you seek holiness. You have options. Choose Me. Invite Me into your life more and more. Seek Me for I am available for you. What an opportunity I give you for, when you have Me in your life, I ignite a new passion that will touch your heart in profound ways. The power of My love in your life is beyond your mind’s ability to understand. It is real and it will change your life. I am the answer to your life’s questions. I am. Jesus is Lord.
    John 21:14-19
    (Accompanied by “With All I Am” – Hillsong)

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