Prophetic Words
"Jesus Is The Only Way"

  • Don’t fear. There is no fear in Jesus. Love abounds and no fear can subsist. There is no other way. I am the way, the truth and the life. My love drives all life and abides in the heart of man. My love conquers all. Tap into that power and it will ignite your life. My Holy Spirit will talk more to you. Listen and live in My glory as greater revelation is flowing to you. The scarcity of people with faith in My power brings the focus on those that do. Walk in My love as you deliver the majestic release of power to change people’s lives. There is a time coming when those who doubted will change because of what happens around them. Enjoy My grace abounding in your life. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 4:19

  • The peace knows no bounds. Walk in My total peace. Seek after Me and My power will flow through your life. Walk in My love and see My peace increase around your life. All the cares of the world grow dim as My love and peace abound around your life. There is no other way. I am the way and My peace unlocks power and grace in your life. I am Jesus. I have made a way for your life. I am the way. If you chase after other solutions, you will need to come back to Me to find the way forward. You can stand tall in Me. Let your life reflect My glory as people see Me through you. There is no other way. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 4:18

  • All is not revealed as yet. The hour of My revelation is not known by man. I am pouring out and pouring out and all are welcome to My feast. Linger in My presence and see My power change your life. Stop your busyness and wait on Me. I am dismantling the works of man and building a new way of living. There is now no turning back. My love is the cornerstone and My grace and mercy abounds around people’s lives. Draw close to Me. Let My love fill your life and take you to a deeper appreciation of Me. My power is moving and will not be stopped by any man. Know that I am the God of increase and blessing and all that I do will benefit those whose hearts are given to Me. I am love. Love everyone unconditionally. Live righteously and take Me into your life for I am. There is no other way.
    1 John 2:18-25

  • Jesus is Lord. There are no other options. As My power increases around you, seek Me in your heart. Let My love abound in your heart. My peace provides a place of sanctuary from the ways of the world. Abide in My peace and see your life change. I am the answer. The world beckons but only I offer what you are seeking. There is no other way. Jesus is Lord.
    1 John 2:4-5

  • Take no chances. Invite Me into your heart. I will not wander into your life. Invite Me in to see your life changed. My free gift is available to you. Your life will change and I can open new wondrous adventures in Me. There are no limits to My power, My beauty, My majesty and the impact I can have in your life. Look to Me and see an explosion of My love around your life. My joy can fill your life and My peace can abound around all that you are and do. Rededicate yourself to Me and My will for your life and seek more and more of Me. Let Me build a new life for you. Jesus Jesus Jesus There is more. Don’t wander around in traditions but take hold of all that I have for your life. There is so much more. Call it into all that you are and become more of Me. I love you.
    Acts 12:19-25

  • Jesus is Lord. The wonder and the glory of My riches are there for all to behold. Walking in My peace reveals the beauty all around you. Out of your relationship with Me comes a passion for all that I am. The fire of this passion knows no bounds for those who seek Me more. Let My love fill every part of your life. I will satisfy the thirst of those who hunger after Me. I am. Your relationship with Me is all that matters. The rest is peripheral to our encounter as you grow and I bless your life when you put Me first in all that you do and say. Why wander around in the ways of man when I am there for you in incomparable glory to ignite your life. Seek Me. Seek Me. I am your answer today, now. I love you. I want to be your life.
    John 18:14-20

  • A man who is free in Jesus is free indeed. The need for clinging to man’s structures is no more. Seek Me above all else for I am the only way. When My love fills your life in abounding presence, people will come seeking you to receive Me. Let My love flow out of you to everyone. Let My peace fill your life. Let My joy fill your life. There is no condemnation when you follow My word. I love you. Jesus is Lord. Seek Me more. Seek My presence. Let the Holy Spirit lead you as your devotion to Me and My word increases. Walk in the freedom that My peace brings. There is no need for anguish when you abide in My word. I am love.
    John 12:14-19

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