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Thoughts On The Lord's Prayer

Thoughts on The Lord's Prayer (1)

Jesus gives us the protocol for approaching God. Let's take a look at it:

(1) "Our Father which art in heaven." You've got to put the correct address on the envelope if you want it to reach the right destination. We don't just pray to some vague higher power; we approach God on the basis of who He is to us - "Our Father!"

(2) "Hallowed be thy name." Praise is the pathway into God's presence. Listen: "Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise" (Ps 100:4). When you praise the King of Kings, He extends His scepter and allows you to come closer. That's why you must never let anything or anyone stop you from praising God.

(3) "Thy kingdom come." Those words mean: "Establish Your rule in every area of my life. Be Lord of my business, my finances, my relationships, my pastimes, my thought processes, my goals and ambitions. Speak and I will obey."

(4) "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." Is anyone in heaven fearful or doubting? Stubborn or disobedient? Critical or negative? The words: "Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven," mean that when the enemy brings something to your door that's contrary to God's will, like words, attitudes or fears, rise up in Christ's name and announce: "If it's not approved in heaven, it will have no place in my life here on earth." Then refuse to accept the package or sign the receipt. The one thing the enemy hopes you never discover, is that you have the God-given authority to restrict his movements in your life.

Thoughts on The Lord's Prayer (2)

God has provision for whatever you're facing today, so ask for it! You can't fight today's battles on the strength of yesterday's bread. That was then, this is now. In the wilderness God's people were only permitted to collect enough manna for each day. If they collected more, it rotted. It's wonderful to talk about what God did yesterday or what He's going to do tomorrow, but all you've got is today. "Give us this day." Only as you partake of what God has provided for you today, will you be able to stand up to the challenges you're facing.

This prayer is an expression of praise. The very fact that you ask, means you're confident that God's got what you need, and cares enough to provide for you. It also says: " I don't need to go to anybody else but You." So hang up the phone, turn off the TV, shut the door, get down on your knees before your Heavenly Father and pray: "Give me what I need for this day." God knows what you need - you don't! As you partake of what He provides for you each day, you'll be able to handle anything the enemy throws at you.

By the way, when people start getting on your nerves for no apparent reason, or you start having all sorts of mood swings, or begin living by your impulses instead of your convictions, it's probably because you're not eating right. If so, it's time to go back to your source and pray: "Give me this day my daily bread."

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