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Welcome to the Blog. Here you will find a variety of creative ways to praise and worship our Creator, the God of the Bible. You'll be able to explore how to praise and worship God with prayer, through His Word, with dance, color, and art. You'll also find Bible scriptures, Christian music videos, Christian prayers, Christian devotionals, Christian short stories, photos of God's creation and much much more!

Do you need prayer? Send us your prayer requests.

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Heath & Spirituality

Balancing health and spirituality in life.

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Prayer Requests -

Prayer Requests - Do you need prayer? If you do, send us your prayer requests.

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Worship God Through Prayer -

little boy praying

Another form of worship is prayer. What is prayer? Prayer is communicating with God.

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Spiritual Warfare Prayer -

Spiritual Warfare Prayer - a prayer that binds demons and protects us from their attacks.

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Who is Jesus Christ? There are many opinions of who He is. Jesus Christ is God and He is Love. It's as simple as that.

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Honor the Elderly


Senior citizens have experience and great wisdom to share.

Continue reading "Honor the Elderly" - Eschatology: the Study of the End Times - Christian Eschatology is a major branch of study of the end times and/or the end of the age.

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The Authority Of The Believer -

The Authority Of The Believer - When we understand that God is the power behind our authority we can use it against the devil and he will flee from us in terror!

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