Jesus Christ

Who is Jesus Christ?

There are many opinions of who Jesus is.  All I can do is offer my point of view of who Jesus is to me and why I worship Him.  Jesus is love.  Jesus is God. He is my Lord and Savior.  It’s as simple as that.
Jesus came to the earth because He loves us.  He became a man because He loves us.  He died on the cross and rose again because He loves us.

"God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love — not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins." (1 John 9-10 NLT)

The ministry of Jesus Christ can be summarized in one scripture verse: "He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil." 1 John 3:8 (NKJ)

Jesus is the only begotten son of the living God.  He is part of the trinity, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He was born a man, a human being like you and me, yet He never sinned.  He experienced emotion.  He laughed.  He cried.  He got angry.  He experienced pain and fear.  He had compassion for the sick and the oppressed.  He loved and forgave those who tortured Him and sentenced Him to die. 

Jesus was wounded for our crimes; He was bruised for our wickedness.  He died on a tree to set us free from our sins, our bondage, our addictions, and our emotional and physical pain.  He was put in a tomb and on the third day He rose again.  He conquered death, defeated satan and took back the keys to the gates of hell.

Jesus Christ is called the Word.  He spoke and the heavens and the earth were created.  He gave up His throne in heaven to be born in a stable on earth. 

In bible prophecy, the birth of Jesus Christ, and His death and resurrection, were foretold hundreds of years before He was born. His fulfillment of these prophecies is indisputable. Let's just say that if Jesus fulfilled only eight prophecies out of the hundreds that were prophesied, the chance would be 1 in 100 trillion! How amazing and exciting is that! (As in bible prophecy, Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 are major prophetic scriptures. They are revealing and uplifting to read in their entirety.) Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever! He is the giver of eternal life. He is our healer, our savior, our redeemer, our best friend. Jesus Christ is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. He is the King of Hope. He is the King of Honor. He is the King of Glory. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace, the Beginning and the End! Jesus Christ is the name above all names. He is our Lord and Savior, our soon coming King! Yes, Jesus Christ is coming again! And He's coming sooner than we think. Will you be ready?
No need to add or subtract from Him
He is GREATER than everything that exists
All else adds up to LESS than He
He is the SUM of all things:
- the infinite
- the absolute
- the constant
Jesus is HOLY to the highest degree
If we take Jesus out of the equation, nothing adds up
Regardless of the good we multiply, how much we divide and share
A part of us remains unsolved, a fraction of who we should be
But Jesus is the answer, our common denominator
Jesus – the product of God’s love
A perfect combination of 100% God, 100% man
Intersecting the arc of human history
To be the difference, the solution we needed, the root of our salvation
No need to add, subtract, multiply or divide
Nothing greater than, everything less than
Jesus is and always will be the solution to every equation
When you do the math, the answer is clear

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“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.<

“There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son. And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.” (John 3:16-21 NLT)

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For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.  Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins. For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood. This sacrifice shows that God was being fair when he held back and did not punish those who sinned in times past. (Romans 3:22-25 NLT)


Share What Jesus Has Done For You

Noemi from Switzerland writes: "He saved my life."

Larry from United States writes: "I am truly grateful for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I have to admit, I use to be filthy but thanks to Jesus, I'm delivered from all manners of sin. I now trust and depend on my Lord Jesus Christ for my salvation. Thank you and I love you Jesus!"

Lulu from South Africa writes: "The goodness of the Lord in my life leaves me humbled and drops me to my knees in praise. He took me from the desolate dessert of sin and directed me to the most wonderful church under the leadership of 2 highly anointed and committed soldiers of God. The favour and grace that has poured into my life since accepting the Lord as my Saviour reduces me to tears. I have peace in my spirit thay truly surpasses human understanding. The world is just so many shades of wonderful and beautiful colours. I have gone from living to being truly alive and I fear nothing and nobody for He has said whom shall I fear for He is with me and is my refuge. The Lord is good and I shall never forget His goodness and mercy."

Angelica from United States writes: "I was unaware of my following of the world. I was dead in sin and my beautiful Jesus Christ woke me up to faith. He gave me a new heart. He reminded me of his love. He was merciful and I am forever thankful. God bless the Lord Jesus Christ."

Noludwe from South Africa writes: "Jesus never gets tired of me. He always amazes me. Jesus Christ once took me from a bad state where I didn't see a way out, but He showed me that He is The Way where it seems there is no way. I'm glad I found Him and my heart is at peace now."

Austin from Malawi writes: "My Lord Jesus Christ has been faithful to me ever since I was born. My parents told me that I was born prematurely with my twin brother but unfortunately he did not make it, but Jesus loved me and that is why I am still alive today. He saved me because of His great mercy. I am very humbled to call Jesus Christ my Lord and my God. I shall worship His Holy name forever and ever. I LOVE YOU JESUS. Amen"

Harold from Trinidad and Tobago writes: "Jesus, is my Saviour, friend, provider, comforter, healer and trusted friend. JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH IS REAL. I had earlier mentioned that I was praying through Jesus Christ for healing for my son who had seizures. Today I can proudly say that my son, who did not attend primary school for the last 3 years, and was home-schooled, and wrote the local examination, he is attending the high school of his choice, a prestigious school, and has almost completed one year. Those who are praying to Jesus, let me tell you this, Jesus truly loves you, and will bless you abundantly, don't stop praying because he is never early, or late, he will grant you your heart's desires, just in time."

Eunice from Kenya writes: "Jesus has rescued me countless times from sin and has forgiven me. He has also healed my mother. He has been my joy, life and salvation."

Harold from Trinidad and Tobago writes: "There is only one God, and the only way to him is by faith in the works of Jesus Christ who left heaven and became a man to suffer and die for the sins of the world. I believes that he saves, prospers, blesses and heals. I am praying for the healing of my son who suffers from seizures and I am confident that God will heal him through the Almighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth."

Martha from United States writes: "Jesus Christ is the only name I have ever known to get me out of every odd situation that has confronted me. It is impossible to live a joyful and fruitful life without him. Bless him always for his sacrifice of obedience to God his father so we always call on his name. Always say Jesus Christ of Nazareth have mercy on me."

K. Sampath from India writes: "Praise the Lord, Jesus Christ. My testimony is I believe Jesus was born in Bethlehem. His name is Emmanuel. He is the begotten son of God. I believe Jesus was resurrected and He lives in this world because Jesus is the Light of the world. My name is K. Sampath and I converted from Hindu to Christianity. I am a strong Christian but all my family, my wife and children are all Hindu. I surrender and put my cares on the Lord. He is just and He will keep me safe. He loves me and He will protect me. Thank you."

Emma from United States writes: "Jesus Christ is our Savior; he is the Lord; he is the greatest of all the things that exist today. I just wanted to tell you that because we all love him.

Angela from India writes: "Lord Almighty and merciful God saved me from two major surgeries wherein doctors had given up hope. I am alive because of God's acceptance. He accepted me as I am, thank you Lord. Forgive me. I will always walk in His shadow of grace and blessings. He has never failed me and has lifted me in my times of trials and sickness. I am blessed because of His intervention. Thank You Jesus for accepting me as your daughter."

Freida from the Netherlands writes: "I thank God for my salvation. Thank you Father for Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He called me by name and trained me to be a servant for his kingdom. He brought me as a missionary thru many lands in special the holy land, Israel. Jesus is my love in everything. I can’t live without Him. He always takes care of me wherever I am, wherever I go He protects me and never leaves me. Thanks Lord that you have taken the cross for me out of love for me. I am deeply in love with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. My home is heaven, here on earth I am just passing by. I am so blessed without anything, I have everything in Him. Thank you Father, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit. Shalom"

Angel from United States writes: "THIS IS MY TRUE STORY. I gave my life to Jesus at the tender age of 14 years of age and about two weeks later this is what happened to me. On one morning in late 1986, I was getting up and I saw that everybody was sound asleep. Right across my room was the restroom, and as I began to walk toward it, I heard the spirit of God say to me, “Look in your hand”. I began to say back to the spirit of God, “Why would I look in my hand?” Then the spirit of God spoke for the second time, “I said look in your hand”. By now I am still talking back to the spirit of God because I didn’t know what was going on. I was only 14 years old when this happened to me, so as you can imagine, I was frightened. So for the third and final time the spirit of God’s voice got really loud and He said to me, “I said to look in your hand!” This time I looked at my right hand and I saw what looked like a puddle of blood, but here’s the thing: it was not bleeding. Then, right in the center of my right hand I noticed that God had put a beautiful cross there. By now I had gone to my mother’s room and knocked as hard as I could on her door and when she opened the door and saw my hand, the only thing she could say to do, so we just decided to pick up the phone book and call up some of our local pastor’s to tell them what had happened to me. My mother and I came across a particular pastor in Newnan, Georgia, and we decided to call him. My mother started to tell this pastor about all that had happened to me, and this is what the pastor told my mom: “Tell your daughter to show as many people as she can about the cross that God had put in your hand”. The pastor also told my mother that God had ‘marked your daughter’. It was so amazing and so touching! And yes this is a true story. To this day that same cross is still in my right hand. (I just Love showing people!) Matthew 19:26, “but Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, “with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. God Bless You! –Angel I love Jesus with my life!"

Joshua from Canada writes: "My Father in heaven made me to love him and praise him when I was still in my mother's womb. I noticed this when I taken from a colony and placed into a mission church at the age of 39. I begged him for help and he said, ask and you shall believe. Our Father wants us to love him like we want our children to love us. He saved me from a drinking cult. Now he is using me every which way he wants to, now he uses me to minister to everyone. Thank you very much my loving and gracious Father Lord Jesus Christ. Amen"

Stefan from Sweden writes: "I believe that Jesus Christ is both God and man who took all my sins when he died on the cross. He rose again and has all the power and will come soon."

Laban from Antigua writes: "Jesus has done so much for me that I will never let him out of my heart. If Jesus have never been in my life I don't know what I would do without him. I was left for dead but my Jesus was there for me always. I was a man that loved a lot of women but he took me from all of that, and I am strong within with the Holy Ghost. I was a a very bad man but now I have Jesus always deep within my heart, mind and soul. Without Jesus in my life I am no one."

David from United States writes: "I was lost and I did not understand. I was beaten and cursed by my mother and sister. Thank God he sent someone to tell me about God’s love."

Dorothy from United States writes: "Jesus saved me from A living death and a painful AND SIN FILLED existence. He forgave me of my many sins, and gave me his SPIRIT of HOLINESS and SALVATION. When I could not help myself, Jesus saved me and I am forever grateful."

Kwao from Ghana writes: "Great is the faithfulness of the Lord in my life. I happen to come from a Christian home and the Lord has been so good to me and my family. I just can’t thank him enough for the care, love and protection he has given us from the beginning of the year till now. The only thing I can say to him is, Hosanna to his name forever and ever. Today is 28th December 2012 and just yesterday, the Lord has added one year to my age. I know I began the year with lots of people, but today, I believe many are not on this planet earth. Thank you, Father."

Stephanie from United States writes: "I don't really know where to start. I was a drug addict who believed in Wiccan or I thought. My life had become so chaotic and out of control. I lost my children. I lost my belief in anything. I became numb. The only feelings I felt were hopelessness and depression. One night I had had enough. I was high on meth. I went outside and screamed at the top of my lungs - if there truly was a God to show me. Two days later the federal marshals came and picked me and my boyfriend up. I was looking at 20 years. I couldn't believe it. Everything was happening so fast. Well I was about a month into my stay at county awaiting to be sentenced. I went to church. I cried. One night while lying on my bunk I prayed to God - this God I was learning about. I had a dream and it said 2010. I woke up with a peaceful feeling - so much more to say. Anyway, I knew then that God had to be real. I did get out in 2010. I also had many trials in prison. Without God I wouldn't have made it. I got out, my mom was sick, I didn't realize how sick. The world was moving so fast. I couldn't handle it. My mom ended up passing 5 months after being released. My grandpa died two weeks before her. I was numb again. God revealed himself to me so many times. I am back to reading my bible and believing in his love for me."

Betsy from United States writes: "I was very blessed to grow up in a Christian home. Despite having wonderful parents who introduced me to Jesus and my involvement in the church, I drifted away from God in my middle school and early high school years. I was a normal teen in a great neighborhood attending a really good high school. I always found myself yearning for a different life and it made me so angry and resentful towards everyone I was around. I ended up in the wrong crowd and in bad situations. It wasn't until March of 2006 that God had made a huge breakthrough in my heart. I was taken into the police station for underage alcohol consumption as a 16 year old. I was filled with overwhelming guilt and for the first time in a long time, I felt the desire to change my ways. I went to church the following Sunday. The Holy Spirit took a hold of me as I was sitting in the pew, listening to the message. I broke down into tears. A heart wrenching cry arose from me and it was the beginning of truly knowing who God was. I prayed for Him to change my heart and help me to fix the direction of my life. From that day, I have fallen back into sin, but by the grace of God, I am able to get back up and come back into His arms and let Him restore me so that I may serve Him as a follower of His son, Jesus Christ. I am honest enough to know that I am not a good person because this body is sinful, but God has showed me that He loves me even when it's difficult to love myself and this is what drives me to do good for Him. God as directed me into the physical therapy field and I pray He uses me for His will in this field and wherever he leads me."

Alan from United States writes: "I believe upon JESUS' shed blood. Also, until this year, I knew nothing about verbally pleading it as well, besides faith in JESUS & HIS blood. I would like to share a book called 'The Power of The Blood' by H. A. Maxwell Whyte, which talks about this GREAT & wondrous gift that we can partake of each and every day. Thank you and GOD bless."

Sabin from India writes: "I was born into a Hindu family. My mother was the only one in my family who was a believer in Christ and was baptized in a brethren assembly. But when I was 6 years old, my mother died in a fire accident. I stopped going to church. From then on, I was yearning for a love which can cheer me up, which can hug me, which will never forsake me. But I found none. I had a feeling that something was missing in my life which was necessary (mother's love), for all living beings. When I was 15, I received a strong gospel from an evangelist. I was guilty and cried that I'm a sinner. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord, my God and my personal Saviour. That was the day when happiness was restored in my life. I found the love of Christ was more than that I was yearning. I found that I have a heavenly mother (Jesus Christ) who loved me more than enough."

Harijs from Latvia writes: "I love JESUS and I wish to praise the LORD!"

Nancy from United States writes: "God has always been with me in hard times. I didn't even know it. Lately, after my divorce of 36 years, He has shown me just how He carried me when I couldn't walk. How He put people in my life to help me through everything. How He has blessed me physically, financially and allowed me not to feel anger towards those who have wronged me. Yes, He has also shown me my sins so I could ask Him for forgiveness as well as forgiving others. I love you Lord Jesus and thank you and praise you for loving me."

Omraj from Nepal writes: "I am a pastor of a small church in Nepal. God has done great work in my life so all Hindus can come to Christ."

Nthabiseng from South Africa writes: "Jesus is my Saviour, Redeemer, Provider and Protector. It was when I finished school when I really faced challenges because my parents lost their jobs, house and possessions. It was only then I thought of giving Jesus a try and now I understand when the Bible says, ‘first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all things shall be added unto you.’ God has never failed me and never will. He has always seen me through because he is a faithful God and a loving father. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his unfailing love and everlasting mercies. To him be glory, wisdom, power and praise. Amen.”

Barbara from Uganda writes: "He has changed my life a great deal. The Lord has opened many doors of success in my life and touched my heart even in the toughest times of my life. I pray that I live to honour, praise, glorify, magnify, and worship His name!"

Teresa writes: "Since I accepted Jesus in my heart as my personal savior, there's so many changes in my life like, how to pray, forgiveness, to love not only to yourself even to your neighbors. And the most important I realized that Jesus died on the cross for my sin. NO one can ever give the kind of love that he's given to us. I believe he is the King of Kings, King of Hope, Prince of peace, the beginning and the end. Only Jesus."

Antonio from U.S.A. writes: "There was a time in my life where I had just got saved and had started turning my life over to the Lord. I remember that I was so excited about what was happening in my life. I finally had some sort of real purpose and direction in this world. You see, I always knew that there was a God and I knew that Jesus was the way to true salvation. Since Jesus was the first to point out a real personal connection and spiritual family relationship that we have with God, it was a no-brainer."

Jenneth from the Philippines writes: "Jesus has done many things in my life, there can be no "ME" without him..He always guides me and my family wherever we are..He saves us from evil..and I thank him for that."

John from the United States writes: "To acknowledge the Loving hand of Jesus Christ taking our neighbor "Babe" home last night. This strong Christian woman had a short-term brain cancer that quickly overtook her. In her last hours, she was coherent and spent the evening with her family. They had prayed together and recited Psalm 23. At one point she shouted out, "I see Jesus and he's talking with me. I'm not afraid to go home." She asked her husband to draw close in prayer and he did. She then touched the face of Bill, her son-in-law, telling him that Jesus wants him to be a pastor. The day before, Bill was suddenly told by a co-worker that he should do prison ministry. What an affirmation of God's will for him. Jesus had drawn this family close together in the last year. They went to church as a family and drew even closer in the last 2 months, as Babe prepared to go home. Their lives have been to the glory of our Lord. Romans 8:28...God is so good!

Kanika from India writes: "I have peace - and Jesus help me a lot."

Pastor Deniel from India writes: "Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I would like to introduce myself and my ministry to you. My name is Pastor Deniel. I was born into an agricultural laborer's family. Agriculture only is our livelihood. In the year 1997 I accepted the Lord Jesus as my personal Savior and took water baptism. I did not get prosperity in my agriculture while I was an unbeliever. In 1996 there was a great cyclone and all the paddy crop was spoiled. And it was a great loss. I took loans and the debts were many and even I sold our agricultural land and still I could not repay my debts. And hence I decided to take my life by suicide. I was so depressed and cried in the field regarding my life and the future of my family. But at a distance I was listening the megaphone sound of a preacher giving the word of God in a gospel meeting. Numbers 32:23 your sin will give away your life were the words of the preacher. None of your family members or others may not know but your sins will follow you into eternity. As I was listening those words over the loudspeaker I got myself thinking and the desire in the heart to live and do something about my sins was on mind constantly. At that time I called upon the Lord and asked His forgiveness and the peace of the Lord came into my heart. I obeyed his voice and got saved from my sins. God helped me to set my life right in His sight and all my troubles gradually got solved."

Olympia from United States writes: "I was born into a Catholic family, and God reached out for me and saved me when I was 17 years old. I was going into a lifestyle of trying out drugs, religions and just following the trends of the world. My sister who had been become a Christian invited me to her church and there I was saved. A year later, I met my husband at a Christian camp and a year later we got married . We've been married for 6 years this upcoming January and we have been blessed with a son and a daughter. My husband is the Worship Leader for a Spanish ministry and I am the children's class leader. My life would have been completely different and wretched without Him intervening in my life. I am so blessed because of Him, thank you Jesus!"

Ravi from India writes: "In 1987 I had an accident. My left leg was broken into 7 pieces. The doctor rejected my case due to finances. I became lame. In 1989 I attended a prayer meeting. The person who was preaching took the verse John 10:10. Jesus is here to give life and abundance. I heard this promise for the first time in my life, I was 19 years old. I was blessed by Jesus. I started to walk without crutches! I started my carpentry work with a gospel ministry. I adopted 4 kids to my big family, now God has given a big gas agency to me without any effort."

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