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Writing short stories is an amazing experience as I allow my imagination to create people, places and situations that I can share with you, the reader.
I like to think that when I’m writing about the Lord, I’m actually worshiping Him.  Writing stories about Jesus is very rewarding and brings me so much joy. Also, (1) I’d like to share some of my short stories with you, and, (2) I hope you enjoy over 300 short stories from our Guest Writers here as well.

My Stories

My stories were written with love, so enjoy them for what they are.   I pray they will bless you as I was blessed when I wrote them.  God bless you!

Guest Writers

I want to thank the writers who have shared their stories.  I pray you are blessed and enjoy them as much as I have.

Stories Listed by Title

Stories by Unknown Authors

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Your thoughts and comments

Cheryl from United States writes: "Dear Connie, I just read your very touching story “Testimony of a Bear”. The love, grace, and gentle approach you use to tell the story brings such liberation, healing, peace, and hope when and where it is needed the most. Thank you! Love, Cheremiah."

Richard from Canada writes: "I thoroughly enjoyed "The Junk Man Cometh" by Charles C. Robey. The story teaches us to be kind to all people of all ages - a lesson that needs to be relearned in today's modern society in which various individuals seem at times to be disconnected from each other because of fear or from some other self-justified reason. Thank you Charles for reminding me that's it's still socially acceptable to be a "Good Samaritan" since it is what Jesus and His angels would want us to do regardless of the risk of being condemned by certain folks."

Web from United States writes: "John Miller -- Your story "Touching The Jesus in You" is excellent. You sir, are a top-drawer writer, and obviously a devout Christian. Thank you so much for sharing your view on that old Gospel story. Your story had been in the praise-and-worship short story file for some time. I decided to go back and re-read it. Excellent. It warms my heart as I try to deal with the homeless and the indigent in my bailiwick here in Oregon."

Richard from Canada writes: "Dear Connie, I immensely enjoyed your story, 'Set Free' because you have helped me to understand better what Jesus meant when He said that our sins, habitual or not, keep us in bondage (disease). We all suffer from the consequences of sin; therefore, we all live in a form of sickness until we are set free by Jesus Christ - our Saviour and Healer. Once we embrace Him with all our trust, He and only He, can set us free. I appreciate now knowing that I have been set free in some areas of my life to love Him more. I still have a long way to go but I am encouraged. Please, you must make your story into a screenplay! Thank you Connie- thank you Jesus!"

Richard from Canada writes: "Web Ruble - today I read your true story on 'A Spiritual Question'. I want you to know that you blessed my life and you need to know how and why. I love playing golf. One of my buddies, whom I do not wish to name, was an excellent golfer and I always wanted to learn how he could hit so far. On September 29, 2011, I went to the golf course as usual but he was not there with my other two buddies. So we decided to go on and thought nothing more about it. On the tenth hole, that is near the highway, we saw an ambulance and two police cars rushing by with horns blaring and lights flashing. We found out later our friend had committed suicide by cutting his throat! We were all devastated! The nagging thought that bothered me until now was, "What could I've done to have prevented that!" Everyone told me - nothing! I tried consoling his wife but I couldn't do that either. Your authentic report brought me my answer. I could pray for him and ask him to pray for me. I could write about God's love in my own way, but most of all, I realize that what you said was true -"only God is in charge"! Thank you, you have been a true friend. I'm certain that God somehow sent you to me. I don't wrestle with this problem any more."

Web from United States writes: "Richard David Briggs is an outstanding writer and his lone story on this website is a classic. 'Tis a bit long. But I loved it. As I come from a town of taverns and two Roman Catholic churches, I can identify with his yarn. May God be with him."

John from United States writes: "I enjoyed Celeste Charlene's "The Rest." The real-life example of one resting in meditation with God should remind all of us that we need that quiet, personal relationship with Him who comforts and sustains us in our busy days."

Betty from United States writes: "Thank you! Michael Cochran, for all your prolific writing. I especially appreciated "Unholy Matrimony" and found myself saying, "Yes," "That is so very right" and "Praise the Lord" as I read it again and again. You have great insight into the mind of God! And, I find it refreshing to read stories of relevance with a pertinent message. May the Lord continue to bless you as you share from Him. God Bless!"

Michael from United States writes: "Sitting here over Thanksgiving 2011 reading "A Christmas Lesson" all alone feeling sorry for myself. I question my degree of gratitude for the many blessings God has poured into my life. I'm not usually selfish, but seem to have a difficult time during this season. I thank you Mary Tabar for sharing your experience in this story and helping me to get my perspective back. Truly, we can't always control the things that happen to us, but we can always be open to the things God will do through us. Thanks! A lesson we all need to remember."

Web from United States writes: "I recently went back and read Mary Tabar's "A Christmas Lesson" story. I have run into that problem so many times -- people working the system and taking advantage of the Christian spirit. Yet, I often shrug it off, knowing what Christ did for all of us. Nevertheless, the problem is vexing. I too have been a patsy for the sort of thing she experienced. And I haven't always reacted the best in my heart. I enjoyed her story much, and it is a lesson in attitude for all of us. Thank you, Mary, for sharing."

Web from United States writes: "I read your latest, "Set Free." Excellent job. Aye, it brought a tear to me eye. After all of the outrageous stuff for which I have been a witness throughout the years, I was surprised to discover I was such an old softie. However, kidding aside, it is a terrific story. Simple faith displayed by Tommy is something I wish a lot of us adults had. Perhaps we are too "processed" by a secular world. YOU MUST GET THIS STORY MADE INTO A MOVIE OR PUBLISHED OR SOMETHING. It really hits home. Moreover, there is a whole world out there (I have been re-introduced to it lately) that goes ignored. And there are terrific, warm, God-driven stories behind them. Congratulations on an outstanding story. God be with you, Web."

John from U.S.A. writes: "I enjoyed "Grace" Parts 1 & 2 very much. All of us who are saved by God's grace of Salvation should thank Him each and every day for His immeasurable and loving grace."

Jay from U.S.A. writes: "Abide...Behold...Know - What a beautiful story Dotts has told here. I felt as though I was right there. Fantastic job. Congratulations Dotts! Please tell us more."

John from U.S.A. writes: "Miss Molly - great story of kindness to animals driven by selfless obedience to God. I'm sure there will be some downstream human interactions that bring great glory to Him. Amen!"

John from U.S.A. writes: "Buried Forgiveness - I enjoyed the story. I wonder if it is written from, by or about someone who is suffering and missing a prisoner. I am a prison minister. I can tell you that the men inside carry a lot of anxiety about their family situation and shame for their part in all of that. Forgiveness all around is so important to all concerned. God's immeasurable grace is there for each of us who will accept it. His grace is sufficient in all situations." 2 Cor 12:9

John from United States writes: "I enjoyed "Light of My Spirit." We cannot imagine how glorious it must be to be in heaven with our Lord."

Allenby from Australia writes: "I've really enjoyed John Miller's stories. His work is so good he should be writing novels."

Earl Moore from United States writes: "I truly enjoyed "Three Crosses-Two Sinners" and "A Journey Toward Forgiveness."

Teresa from United States writes: "I enjoyed the story by Earl Moore, God's Chosen. To have the faith as small as a mustard seed was what it made me think of. Great story. Simple but powerful."

Elaine Merritt from United States writes: "I enjoyed Earl's story.. It was all about Faith!!"

Molly from United States writes: "God's Chosen (Christian Fiction guest writer) was well written. Held my attention and the end was a surprise. Just goes to remind us that God works in mysterious ways!! Thank you.

John from United States writes: "I enjoyed Cameron McElroy's "Our Sins Swallowed up by His Love." What a wonderful thing to experience Christ's presence so near. Jesus cannot be unfaithful to his divine nature. If we are saved, He is ever present with us, and His love covers all of our sins, emotions and doubts. We stumble and He lifts us up. If we are unsaved, God's Holy Spirit is acting to point us to Christ. If we earnestly seek Him, we may experience the presence of Christ waiting to receive us. This is certainly true in the case of prison ministry, where lost and desperate souls reach out to receive God's grace of forgiveness and mercy. The presence of the Lord there can be overwhelming to men. His grace is all sufficient."

Susan from United States writes: "God's Chosen was a great uplifting story. We know that our God can heal. May God bless you as you write for Him."

Dolores from Spain writes: "John Miller is a brilliant writer. I agree with Allenby - he should be writing novels. I hope he will someday."

John from United States writes: "Earl Moore's "God's Chosen" is a wonderful story. What an encouragement to believe in the willingness and ability of our Lord to heal. I will pass this link along to a Navajo brother who has such strong faith as expressed in Earl's story."

Candy from United States writes: "I enjoyed "God's Chosen," for your first short story I think you show great promise. May God be your inspiration and direction."

John from United States writes: "I enjoyed Jim Cox's story (Unwelcome Visitors) of a frightening camping experience. Something very similar happened to my young family many years ago. I was unsaved in those years and didn't think to thank our Lord for a safe delivery from harm."

Dolores from Spain writes: "Web Rubles' stories are very thought provoking and I am enjoying them very much. I am so happy to be able to come to this site and read such good stories."

John from Canada writes: "Byron, I enjoyed your story "What Happened to the Chickens?" A good lesson for us as well."

Web from United States writes: "Byron Allenby's story, "What Happened to the Chickens?" is most powerful and it has special meaning for me personally. Thank you, Byron, for applying your skill in delivering me a message that I needed to hear. Please keep writing inspirational stuff that could end up bringing true allies to Jesus Christ."

John from United States writes: "Connie, your "Set Free" story is inspiring and I wish you success with the screenplay. Oh, if only we adults had such simple faith in God's all circumstances. Isa 55:11."

Mimi from United States writes: "I read the story "A Healing Touch" by Katherine Ostrom and it touched my heart. I actually remember this happening. And I know that God doesn't see color. He sees hearts! So glad to know you Kathy! So glad that you are willing to share your experiences in writing this way. Hopefully many people will be encouraged by your stories."

John from United States writes: "Mary Tabar's "A Christmas Lesson" is a wake-up call to so many of us Christians. I, for one, have so often focused on the homeless that make their living begging for drug money, with little thought of how Christ must perceive our hearts. We can never repay our Lord for his immeasurable, loving mercy and grace. Thanks Mary!"

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