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Writing poetry is a talent I do not possess. The extent of my talent for writing poetry goes like this – “I’m a poet and didn’t know it” – and I didn’t even write that! :o)

Below you will find many gifted Christian poets who have written beautiful Christian-based poetry. These are works written from the heart.

I pray you will be blessed.

Also, for your enjoyment....

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Your comments on the poetry from our anointed authors...

Cheremiah from United States writes: "Dear Evangelina, I just read your poem “Moment of Contemplation” and enjoyed it very much! It’s great to see anyone who is on fire for the Lord, and even more special to me when it’s a young person. God bless you my dear, and may He use you to pen many more poems. Sincerely, Cheremiah"

Kenney from United States writes: "Very nice poetry & I like your site as well. Many blessings to you."

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