Who is this Jesus who impacted my life?
This Jesus who cares for my soul
He was always there when I needed Him most
To restore what the devil had stole

He is Creator of heaven and earth
He spoke and the heavens unfurled
Colours wove themselves into rainbows
And His fragrance filled the world
He created the sun, moon and stars
And His words sent the darkness fleeing
He breathed, and a handful of dust
Became a living being

He gave up heaven’s throne
For a pile of straw in a manger
His glory He put aside
When He came to earth as a stranger
He bade farewell to heaven’s love
To receive man’s hatred and shame
Despite taking on humanity
In Him there was found no blame

He healed the sick and raised the dead
And made the blind to see
He laughed and wept, and forgave our sin
And stilled the raging sea
He taught the lost to know the Father
And He cleansed the house of God
He fed the poor, refused Satan’s lure
And defied the firing squad

He was wounded for our transgressions
He was bruised for our iniquity
As a lamb to the slaughter, He bled blood and water
When He hung on Calvary’s tree
He was laid in a tomb of stone
Satan thought he had victory
As His disciples dispersed, He reversed the curse
When He rose triumphantly

He’s the Prince of Peace; He’s the Lion of Judah
He’s seated at God’s right hand
He is crowned with glory and honour
He is the victor at Satan’s last stand
His name is above every name
Throughout heaven His praises ring
He was highly exalted when sin was assaulted
He is Jesus, the soon coming King.

He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End
He is the Baptiser, Anointer, Life Giver to the dead
He is the Saviour, Redeemer, the Sacrificial Lamb
He is the Final Word, the Amen, He is the great I AM

© Byron Lanyon-Roberts

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