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What Are Your Thoughts?

Matilde from United States writes: "I thank God for this website and for you Connie. This website is a big blessing for us that are seeking the Lord. God bless you and your family always!"

Simon from India writes: "Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I have been blessed by all the collection on your site. God bless you and thanks a million for all your faithfulness and love for Jesus. I will continue to keep you and your ministry in my prayers. Love and prayers, Simon."

Cheremiah from United States writes: "Thank you for your ministry. It has honesty, integrity, excellence, and God’s hand upon it. Don’t know you personally but I’ll be looking forward to meeting you one day in heaven! Love in Christ, Cheremiah."

Elizabeth from United States writes: "I love your website, God bless you. I stumbled on this website and it really ministered to my soul."

Bonnie from United States writes: "Enjoy reading the encouraging poetry of others. Thank you for your site."

Maria from India writes: "I'm so glad to have come across this website, it's just awesome and encouraging. I was so impressed on the articles on Worship. It has blessed me immensely. Awesome stuff! So much more to read and learn. Thank you Connie for this excellent website. 'May the Lord richly reward you.'"

Rosie from United States writes: "I am glad I found this site. I am first a Christian, and a Christian artist. I feel something inside pulling me to paint, and to paint paintings of Jesus. And I have been confronted personally not to paint Jesus, and the head turned so as not to even look upon my paintings, twice this happened. So I start then to paint flowers, a landscape, and the pull is still there to paint Jesus. So I search God's Word for the message to create art. And I am new at this, only a dozen paintings or so. So I will continue to read your blog, for your inspiration and eye opening to what God says to artists, whatever their style of art may be. Helps to understand and accept every artist, whatever their creative art may be."

Sheila from Papua New Guinea writes: "I love reading everything said in your website. You have done great work to inspire others through committing your time and efforts to bring the the Word of God to other children of God. God will continue to bless you all."

Luecreshia from Jamaica writes: "I searched Google for biblical declarations over myself and came up on your website. Truly a blessing - I really like the declarations and I am believing God for the change in my future. I will give you testimonies when they come. I will visit all other areas on the site. God bless you."

Anna from South Africa writes: "To God be the glory. Thank you so much for this website. It is really different, on point and gives great information and revelations. I feel blessed knowing this website. God Bless you Connie and everyone involved in this website. You are doing good for many people. Thank you."

Emmanuel from Swaziland writes: "Praise God, I hope all is well with you. I was looking for a place where I could get some documents which could help me in my prayer life. I came across your website and I found it really interesting as a source for my spiritual growth. May the Almighty God bless you so much."

Debra from United States writes: "Thank you, Connie, so much! I have thoroughly enjoyed your website. You've expressed what I have thought and not found elsewhere. Keep up the good work and GOD bless you!"

Lutangilo from Tanzania writes: "I am blessed with your writings. GOD bless you."

Olaniyi from Nigeria writes: "I am really blessed to have come across this site. God bless you richly for this wonderful job done."

Justine from Australia writes: " I just had to let you know that Annette's story really encouraged me. I have been hearing God tell me for a few months now to get fit, lose weight and train my body to dance. I stopped performing dance about 10 years ago and have had four babies. I am turning 30 this year and I have been thinking that I miss dancing but have been unsure about how everything was supposed to work with dance and ministry. I believe in dance as a form of worship and after reading Annette's story things have become more clear in my mind and this story was the encouragement that I needed as well as confirmation about how dance can be used to glorify God. So I just wanted to say a big thank you for the information being available and that God led me here to read the info. :-) God bless you all."

Diane from United States writes: "God bless you for continuing to post inspirational messages of truth each day. Your site is a treasure of peace and comfort. Thank you!"

Elaine from United States writes: "I'm so glad to have found this website, pure, genuine praise and worship with faithful believers coming together to share trials and to also encourage others they've never met before. I have felt so alone for so long, but no more. Blessings to all, in Christ."

Enock from Kenya writes: "Hello dear brothers and sisters in the Lord. I hope that you are doing well in the Lord's ministry and with your families too. I am brother Enock Ngelelo, Praise and Worship leader in Redeemed Gospel Church in a small town here in Kenya. I just want to say thank you for helping me to know something about praise and worship. I did not know that I can worship with dance."

Lawrence from United States writes: "I was so glad to see a website that glorifies the Lord in a simple and straightforward way. And, how wonderful is your site's multilingual option. Your message seems to transcend the scandalous squabbling that goes on among Christians, who are weighed down by a focus on what divides us. Let's pray for Christian unity, as we undergo more and more persecution in the U.S. and the world. May God bless and grant you abundant grace as you continue to "go and teach ye all nations". Sincerely in Christ, Lawrence."

Deborah Taylor from United States writes: "I'm in the middle of getting my first book published supernaturally. A Deliverance Ministry has offered to publish my poems and books I have written. I was praying about creating a website but then The LORD led me to your website. I almost feel like why bother, I'll just create a website and then refer everybody to your website! I mean that in the most complimentary way. I honestly do not believe there is a more excellent Christian website anywhere in the world. WOW!! MOST EXCELLENT AND PERFECT CHRISTIAN WEBSITE I HAVE EVER SEEN. YOU COVER EVERYTHING THAT MATTERS AND PROVIDE THE BEST OF THE BEST INFORMATION, VIDEOS, ETC. PRAISE THE LORD!! SHALOM!"

Zama from South Africa writes: "I'm grateful for your website, it has truly changed my life especially the powerful declarations. God bless you."

Olaf from Sweden writes: "I really like your website."

James from United States writes: "Praise God your site has a plethora of insight into the Word, knowledge, worship and wisdom. I pray that sharing this source will be an eye and ear opening experience and bring blessings to all who take time to enjoy and learn. Thank you so much, Jim."

Melrose from Canada writes: "You have filled a great need, you've given those of us that want to give praise to our Lord (no matter how modestly it may be,) an easy format to do so. Thank you."

Joyce from United States writes: "Good evening, I would like to thank you for this site. I started a fast on Sunday, January 4th. I was looking for thanksgiving scriptures, and I came across I cannot use words to express how great and fulfilling it has become for me if only I can print the prayers and carry it with me. Thanks and God Bless."

Victoria from United States writes: "Thank you very much for creating this site. It has been a great help! God bless you in Jesus' name."

Dianne from United States writes: "I just wanted to thank God for this ministry. Thank you for your YES LORD AND obedience to FATHER GOD."

Santha from United Kingdom writes: "Very good site. Thanks."

Mwaura from Kenya writes: "First I would like to express my innermost heartfelt gratitude to this website which has opened a new chapter in my life. I have learned more and I can feel the presence of God in me. I'm greatly inspired and encouraged. Thank you once more for the inspiration I get from your website and may God bless you abundantly."

Yamallah from Nigeria writes: "I really enjoy your teachings especially prayer for financial breakthrough. Please keep it up. God bless you all."

George from India writes: "What an exceptional Christian site. Just awesome in spiritual content. Thank you."

Lalan from India writes: "May God bless you. Nice to read the articles."

Kim from Ireland writes: "Thanks for your site - I am about to graduate from Charis bible college - the teaching here has changed my life....some of the teaching I have had is free on this website - I hope they bless you as much as they have blessed me."

Lisette from France writes: "Thank you so much for sharing the word of God with the world! I look on your site every day and I always must cry tears of happiness to have found the Lord and through your words. Thank you for giving that. May God bless you, with love to you."

Natasha from United States writes: "Hi! I love what you are doing to encourage people in the Lord! Today God had given me an encouraging word about, flowers and color! I began to try and find all scripture pertaining to both flowers and color. During my search, I stumbled upon your website and there it was! A conversation with a lady named Lynda about colors! And two pictures that were used to illustrate the colors were pictures of flowers! I am so excited to know more about this way of God speaking to us and also how we can worship with color! I am also a worshiper and have been seeking God and desiring for His direction in this area of my life!"

Charles from United States writes: "This is a great site full of insightful information and tools in enhancing your praise and worship in your personal life as well as developing you into a leader of worship! Keep it up!"

Ludmila from United States writes: "I came across your site several months ago. It has a lot of information that has helped me in my prayer life and my walk with God. And from replies from others around the world, I see that it has blessed and helped them too. God bless and help you in this hard work you are doing."

Francisca from Ghana writes: "God is really faithful. I like everything about your website. Well done."

Michael from Ireland writes: "Hello! Thank you for a very beautiful and spiritual website. God Bless!"

Mike from Nigeria writes: "I love your work, keep the flag flying. God bless you all."

Josephine from Canada writes: "Hello, praise God for the articles. I woke up last week and needed to pray but I didn't know how to do it. I searched on Google for a prayer for financial breakthrough and that is how I spotted this website. I prayed using it and I can say its powerful. I liked it a lot. God bless you and be encouraged to continue doing what you are doing. It's glorifying God and blessing many."

Santha from United Kingdom writes: "Very good site. Thanks.

Murengerantwari from Rwanda writes: "I am very happy to know this website to make me a true christian.

Philip from United States writes: "Thank you so much for the opportunity to express my feelings about my experiences in Vietnam. I needed this outlet as it helps me to cope by sharing with others. May God richly bless you."

John from Australia writes: "Wonderful, may God bless you!"

Florence from Malaysia writes: "I was glad to find this website when I desperately needed prayer for financial breakthrough. God answered my prayer by giving me an unexpected cheque (check) whereby it at least helped me to settle my immediate needs. God is great. He answers all prayers if we have faith in Him. Thank you for praying for me."

Dennis from Philippines writes: "I am a worship leader in our church and this site really helps us add some thoughts and ideas that contribute to our ministry. May the Lord shower blessings to all staff behind this site. Let us continue sharing the goodness of our Lord with His amazing Grace."

Elizabeth from United States writes: "A really good resource here, Connie. God in all of our natural expressions, color, art, music, and the written word. I can't wait to check out the short stories. It's a lot of work to keep a living database maintained. It's a ministry. I asked Him this morning, how was my worship doing in our relationship. I went looking online and this is where He sent me. There is so much more for us than we know how to give or receive or be or you Lord."

Shannon from United States writes: "I found this website looking for prayers on financial breakthrough. I recently got ordained as a Minister of the Gospel and all these prayers are right on time for me and my family. Thank you and keep up the excellent work for the kingdom."

Imogen from Anguilla writes: "I commend you for the work you are doing for God and pray His blessings on you. I found the information very informative."

Michele from United States writes: "I enjoyed reading your articles and your prayers. I am an Evangelist and spiritual warfare is part of my life. Thank you and I will continue to pray your strength in the Lord."

Ashley from United Kingdom writes: "Amazing website, so pleased to have found it. Love "The Fathers Love Letter" so very much. Thank you for the site."

Sherry from Guyana writes: "Hi, came across your great site just now and I'm thankful for finding you, it's the Lord's doing."

Nancy from India writes: "I came across this site this week and I'm going thru it. It is an awesome site. It encourages me a lot."

Sena from Turkey writes: "An excellent site."

Beverly from Antigua writes: "I was blessed by the different readings. I was on a prayer & fasting, and I read and studied everything on your website which really helped me in my days of prayer & fasting. God bless you. Thanks again.

Jerlie from Philippines writes: "I really appreciate this website. This is the first time that I found a site like this. Thank you so much. This is really a huge help to all Christians who glorify our God.

Judith from United States writes: "I would like to say thank you for the beautiful and heartwarming words I find in the devotionals I have read. Jesus should always come first in everything we say and do. He is the beginning and end of all things. One of my very favorite things to read is "A Father's Love Letter". As I read this tears run down my face. Just to know how much God loves you and me is awesome. My prayer is that everyone will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior."

Robin from United States writes: "Thank you, Connie for being obedient to the Lord, our God in setting up this wonderful website. What a precious thing you are doing to allow Christians worldwide to stand in prayer for each other as the Lord says 'Where two or more shall agree, as touching anything on earth, it shall be done for them by My Father Who is in heaven'. I placed a prayer request this morning and also lifted up to the Lord all others who had posted prayer requests. May God bless you and your site abundantly!"

Adrian from United States writes: "Praise God and thank you for this website. It is a strong tool for the kingdom of God. Ever since I discovered it I am hungry to go on here every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. The best part is to share it with others. Thank you for your passion from God."

Beth from United States writes: "I have been enjoying the devotional part of your website for a couple of months now. I’m now exploring other parts of it. I have truly been blessed and challenged by it. Thanks again and God Bless you, Beth."

Christy from Philippines writes: "I'm blessed by this website. Win the world for Christ! Thank you."

Virginia from United States writes: "The Lord woke me up a few days ago, and said to me, "I want you to worship me." This is why I found your site and started to read the meaning of worship. Thank you for taking the time to write these articles and helping me understand exactly what the Lord is telling me to do."

Feri from Hungary writes: "This site is great!"

Sheilagh from Canada writes: "I stumbled on to your website by accident. The prayers are powerful and it is wonderful to find prayers for spiritual battle. What a great resource!"

Jason from United States writes: "Thank You Connie, for everything. Being Saved by my Savior is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for allowing me to share my poems and the Lord has blessed me richly with your site. This site is really good. God Bless you and all who read. Thanks again. Jason."

Margie from United States writes: "Hi Connie, I just wanted to let you know again how much I enjoyed and appreciated your creation of the "Miracle of Life" page. It is so very touching and tastefully done. You have a beautiful website and this just made it that much nicer. As a devout Catholic, the subject of abortion truly disturbs me. I don't know of the deep and varied reasons that women would choose it, especially given that there are so many other options, but I pray not only for the child lost, but for the parent that must now live with the decision of having denied a life. Also, I have a deep profound love of children. Their innocence and purity is so refreshing, especially is this age of so much that is bad in the world, children give me reason to believe that there is still hope for the future. Thank you again for giving this very important dilemma the much needed focus and attention to the worth of the unborn. As for the elderly, well what can I say? That you gave the time to highlight the importance of their wisdom and genuine beauty speaks volumes of your love of the Lord. Sincerely, thank you Connie. I am honored to contribute a small addition to your wonderful ministry."

Richard from Canada writes: "First, I want to thank you with all my heart for your Testimony about loving God and having the courage to tell the whole world about it! You have not only touched my heart, but my soul lept with joy! A special thank you for teaching me that we are here on earth to serve God and not for Him to serve us! You have shown me that our prayers must not be vain, selfish, and self-serving; but rather, they must be honest and humble! God knows our concerns and our intentions long before we ask Him. Thank you for showing me that we can serve God through literature. Frankly, I never thought about it in that way - probably because of all the junk that is published on TV., too many action films and in immoral books! Connie, you have opened a door to those who want to change their lives spiritually, for those who are looking for a genuine new way to serve God. In my case, you have restored my hope in humanity and renewed my spirit by giving me a new worthwhile purpose - to write for God! This is why I had dared send you two poems and a short story. Thank you for publishing them! Since God is all powerful, just maybe, He will be able to use them to help others. Only He will know and decide. But it is thanks to you that I feel encouraged to worship Him through my writing if you deem my work to be worthy. Below, I have included an excerpt of your Testimony that I will treasure and use as my guide from here to Death's door. Please accept a big caress for being my mentor and for being a sincere Christian! Gratefully and humbly yours, Richard."

Mantu from India writes: "Good site. I am blessed and thousands will be blessed through this site. I appreciate it. May the Lord bless it. Amen."

Hernrietah from Uganda writes: "I have learned a lot from this site, will surely tell my friends to always refer to it for more encouragements. God bless."

John from U.S.A. writes: "The "Comments" section is a welcome addition to your site. Thank you."

Ben from Kenya, Africa writes: "Keep up Sister. You've good stuff on worship and I promising to be coming back again and again. Blessings, Ben."

Matshidiso Tumo Thamage writes: "I really love this site since I learn more about praise and worship cause I am a praise and worshiper."

San from Unites States writes: "I just found this site and read "About Me" and just that alone has been thoroughly refreshing. I can't wait to go through some of the other topics listed. Thank you so much for taking the time to bless me, much love."

Peter from Japan writes: "Enjoyed your site. God Bless you for doing that. I know it takes time and effort, thought and prayer, and it's precious. As they say here in Japan "Gombatte" ... or "Keep Going."

Jay from America writes: "Worship With Poetry is a wonderful idea for expressing the different ways we offer praise to the Lord. Thank you, Connie."

Dave from United States writes: "The "most" video was totally cool! Excellent taste, Sister! You are truly a mighty woman of God. May He continue to bless you abundantly!"

Narji from United States writes: "I enjoyed your article on praise and worship. I love the Word of God and always appreciate when I run across good sound teaching or advice. Your article was such a blessing I had to go to the About Me section to see who you were. God Bless you!"

John from United States writes: "Sister, you are truly serving our Lord with your Prayer Request ministry. So many petitions lifted to the Lord. May it glorify our Lord and King that prayers are mutually lifted to Him in fellowship at this site, and that those who are so lifted in prayer and those around them will glorify their Lord in response to His mighty work in their lives."

Margaret from United Kingdom writes: "I love the way you think and the way you use your imagination."

Leeanne from Australia writes: "Thank you for your web site, Connie! God bless you."

Alisa from United States writes: "I just had some free time to read over some Christian websites for inspirations towards my own business and I found myself back at your website and reading your content. I have to applaud you for your work here, even as someone who works with and reads Bibles all day, I picked up some interesting perspectives and viewpoints. It’s so fantastic and I wish everyone could read how simply yet poignantly you’ve explained it."

Carol from United Kingdom writes: "What a wonderful website! As I am leading worship this coming Sunday I was looking for verses about worshipping the Lord with dance, etc. I was so thrilled to read Annette's story of the Lord leading her to dance. Like her, but at age 70!! that is what is happening to me and following a dream, amazingly this year I have started two workshops for Israeli folk dancing and moving into worship dancing. Thank you for this brilliant website. Shalom in its fullest meaning to you."

Samuel from Ethopia writes: "Greetings in Jesus name. You know I haven't any words to talk about you, but the Lord Jesus Christ will pay you more than your sacrifice to him...GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU."

Douglas from Kenya writes: "Dearest servants in the Lord. Praise the Lord! Your website is very encouraging to us. God bless you so much. Your website blessed my soul & impressed me deeply. I know of no Ministry around the world which is more unique & influential than this one. I count you as a wonderful friend in the Kingdom & I pray God’s divine protection over you and your dynamic Ministry. I consider you as a hero of Faith."

Amar Jyoti from India writes: "Praise the Lord and God bless this site very much. Really, this is one of the most anointed sites where we can know our Father well."

Rebecca from United States writes: "Powerful prayer! Thank you for this website. My teen daughter and I made the declarations out loud! The healing that manifested in her (right before my eyes) was beautiful and priceless. May God richly bless you 1000 times more than you have blessed me! I would love to see prayer declarations put up for our Nation, Israel, and World Leaders!"

Henry from Kenya writes: "Thank you for finding time to be a blessing in His Kingdom. It is so neat and simple, I felt like there is more. You have left me thirsting for more, stay blessed."

Virgin from United States writes: "Thank You. Thank You so much for all your easy to understand messages. Many of them were right on time. Thank You.

Caroline from South Africa writes: "This is a wonderful site which has taught me a lot about worship and prayer. Thank you so much for your messages and prayers. Some of them came when I needed them most. May God bless you."

Corine from United States writes: "I love genuine praise and worship and it should be about Jesus. Jesus paid the price for all we have and the rock bands with loud volume chanting and so forth are an insult to Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit can't work if He isn't invited into our worship. There is such fraud in so many church services and it's a shame the world has moved in with the beat, volume, and taking out Jesus. Thanks and God bless."

Carl from Papua New Guinea writes: "I was really blessed to come across this website, cause of my desire in prayer, praise & worship. When I'm in the attitude of deep worship, I feel I've been embraced by God's loving hands & tender mercies, and I had a confirmation from the Lord that prayer, praise & worship is forever."

Dorota from United Kingdom writes: "I want to thank you so much for the website, wonderful stuff!! I am using declarations every day and love the chapter about colours. Exploring more now. :) God bless you beyond what you think, pray or can imagine. Keep doing that work, don't give up, please."

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