Christian Devotionals

A Meditation on Psalm 104
By John Miller

This wonderful Psalm is a Spirit-breathed praise of our loving, faithful and providential God of all creation. It gives voice to all Creation, that it shouts praise and glory to its Creator. Creation proclaims the divine work and certain presence of our eternally living Lord and King. The Psalmist speaks of light and life given, sustained, taken and replenished by the precious word of the Lord Almighty. It acknowledges Him who gives order to the cosmos and whose ultimate power and dominion over all creation is wrapped in incomprehensible, limitless love and grace.

This Psalm, written some one thousand years before Jesus Christ, reflects the condition of life in ancient times as well as today and hints to a holier time when we shall see a new earth. It encourages the hearts of those who know and confidently trust the One and Only Lord who feeds and cares for the commonest of creatures and life forms, while indwelling and nourishing the soul of the believer. He is Jesus! He is alive!

May our meditation honor and glorify the indescribable Lord as the first cause of all that He has called good. We thank the Holy Spirit for having breathed into the heart of the Psalmist, such wondrous, purposeful words of everlasting truth. Now, in and with the Spirit, we meditate on this Psalm and sing praise to our Creator - fervently and intensely from our soul.

Let’s consider a few questions from our meditation of this Psalm:

  • First, what creature is not mentioned in this Psalm, yet we hear his Spirit-filled voice?
  • v.2 Consider the concealed, unimaginable, all-consuming glory of God that is clothed in majesty and wrapped in light; glory to be seen fully when we finally go home to heaven’s eternity. How would we describe his glory today?
  • v.3-23 What are some of the divine attributes of God revealed in these verses?
  • v.4 Who are “his messengers”? How might we interpret the flames of fire made “his servants?”
  • v.10-11 What does God’s caring about animals suggest about his faithful devotion to humans? About our souls? Why does God care so deeply for us?
  • v.13 What do the words “the earth is satisfied by the fruit of his work” tell us about God?
  • v.16 What is suggested by God having planted and sustained the cedars of Lebanon?
  • v.17-18 What do these verses suggest about man’s spiritual position with God?
  • v.29b-30 What do we learn about our dependence on God in these verses?

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