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More Than Conquerors (1)
'...which always causeth us to triumph in Christ...' 2 Corinthians 2:14

Jesus said, '...Here on earth you will have many trials...' (John 16:33 NLT). Having problems doesn't mean you're a fake, a failure or the focus of God's displeasure. The storm tested both the believer's and the unbeliever's house (Matthew 7:24-27). But the believer overcame it. So what's God's goal? To make you an overcomer, not an escape artist! 'Thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ.' Yes, God will deliver you but first He will develop you. There are problems you can't avoid and must deal with, such as: Your physical heredity. In a society obsessed with 'looks,' are you unhappy about yours? Feel too tall, too short, unattractive, not athletic; you're apple-shaped, pear-shaped, your nose is all wrong? Got freckles, double chin, protruding ears? Tried to darken it, lighten it, accentuate it, hide it, reduce it, enlarge it, but it never looks the way you wish? Beware of our culture's carnal norms. '...They measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another...without understanding' (2 Corinthians 10:12 ESV). The Bible points out that 'sorrow awaits those who argue with their Creator...saying, "Stop, you're doing it wrong!'' (Isaiah 45:9 NLT). Look your best, but accept what you can't change. God doesn't make mistakes. Don't be like those 'without understanding.' '..."People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart"' (1 Samuel 16:7 NLT). Adopt God's standard, not man's. Start appreciating yourself.

More Than Conquerors (2)
'...which always causeth us to triumph in Christ...' 2 Corinthians 2:14

Sometimes you have to overcome your family environment. None of us come from an ideal family. We all experience things like rejection; physical, emotional, verbal or sexual abuse; poverty; rage; drug addiction; alcoholism; divorce; etc. Years later we still struggle with things like low self-worth, marital failure, loneliness, depression, addiction, anxiety, anger control and dysfunctional parenting. But having a bad start doesn't mean you can't have a great finish. Your life today is more than what happened yesterday; it's about what you do with what happened yesterday. Consider Jephthah's family background. He was born to a prostitute, kicked out of the house by his brothers, robbed of his rightful inheritance, disappointed in religious leaders, a refugee and rebel living in a cave (Judges 11). But unbowed, he defied defeat, trained a motley militia of rejects, delivered Israel from their enemies, and made it into faith's hall of fame with Abraham, Moses and David (Hebrews 11). How did he do it? He started where he was, he took what he had, and he did what he could. By faith he seized his God-given opportunity. You are more than the product of your environment. Whatever happened back then, you're now '...a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!' (2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT). Live in the new and renounce the old! '...You have already won a big victory...for the Spirit in you is far stronger than anything in the world (your environment)...' (1 John 4:4 TM).

More Than Conquerors (3)
'...which always causeth us to triumph in Christ...' 2 Corinthians 2:14

Few things can discourage you like children who don't follow in your path. As Christian parents we long to see our children serve God. If you've prayed, lived your faith before them as best you could and yet they choose another path, your heartache can be deep. But others have traveled the path before you. Isaac saw his son Jacob surrender to God, while his other son Esau rejected Him. Aaron, the high priest, had two sons who offered 'strange fire' on God's altar. Manoah lived through the suicide of his son, Samson. Even the prophet Samuel's sons '...didn't take after him; they were out for what they could get for themselves, taking bribes, corrupting justice' (1 Samuel 8:2-3 TM). You're not alone in your concern for your children, and it's too early for guilt, or for giving up on them. Remember: First: God alone can save. 'Salvation is of the Lord' (Jonah 2:9). Don't try to take on God's responsibility or accept guilt that's not yours. Because He knows our hearts, God knows how and when to 'close the deal' with your child. So instead of worrying, keep lifting up their names before Him in prayer. Second: Let God shoulder the load. Your part is to pray and believe God for them, then to get out from under the burden. He can carry it; you can't! (1 Peter 5:7) Third: If they're alive, there's hope. (Jeremiah 31:17). God can arrange circumstances and turn their stubborn hearts around, if you will only trust Him.

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