Christian Poetry
Poems by Jim Cox

Jim has been writing and performing original Christian poetry for 25 years, and is self-taught.

What is Christian Poetry?

It’s the deepest feelings of a heart that’s been washed in the blood of Jesus. A kind of personal worship expressed in a creative way. It’s a human response to the blessings and dealings of God in our lives. It’s also a testimony! When you’ve been set free, you have to tell somebody.

Psalms 45-1: “Beautiful words stir my heart. I’ll recite a poem about my King, for my tongue is like the pen of a skilled poet.”

Each of my poems tells a story with an unusual twist; something humorous or unforeseen, because poets see things differently. We find unusual connections between familiar everyday things. We want you to see things in a new way!

By Jim Cox

Darkness -

Once dressed in regal, velvety robes

and a sneering haughty manner

trudges along

in an ill-fitting gray garment

glancing at the faint glow

on the distant horizon.

The soft crimson aura of first light

declares his defeat and dethronement.

He rolls small beady eyes in exasperation

the urge to rule still aches

like a phantom limb.

Dawn arrives, attired in delicate pink

Lifts her arms

and offers up a thankful song.

It’s the morning of the third day.

(© 2010 Jim Cox – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Jim Cox

Moist and glistening

in the filtered light of morning mist

Rows of stone

unfurl to show hopeful hearts

in lush green sites precisely mowed

Each life lying on shiny satin

A tiny part of a bride to be

in unlit silence-

briefly napping

kept by grace so undeserved

These blood-washed hearts

are no longer sad

for joy’s unmasked, and heaven’s reserved.

When death shall die, the world of wealth

and worry lies a wasteland in the dust

and triumphant shall we finally rise

as all who love you must

Oh, don’t like moving

problems fitting in?

Don’t worry, you’ll adjust.

(© 2010 Jim Cox – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Jim Cox

Have you ever opened up

Put it all on the line…you know…made

yourself vulnerable?

There’s no feeling quite like it!

It’s not the “in” thing to do

Especially for those whose lives are unopened

Christmas presents

Filled with promise…yet afraid

Of failure…of disappointment.

Creative people are God’s

gift to the world.

So the poet his poem, and

the artists will display their art.

the singer will sing her song

because artistic creation comes

from blood-washed hearts, finding

their expression in Him.

When you create, love shines through

but love with a purpose....Communication....

sharing the deepest part of yourself with others.

We long to share your handiwork in us, Lord.

A creation kept hidden is a soul living in the

shadows......a life longing for meaning.

So let my ear hear your song,

let my spirit enjoy the words of your poem,

let my eyes delight themselves in the colors

on your canvas.

My friend, let me experience your heart!

(© 2010 Jim Cox – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)



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