Christian Poetry
by Renee McDaniel

Renee McDaniel writes: "I love writing poems to encourage the brokenhearted. I have been through this myself and I give back what God has given me to write."

Winter Blues
By Renee McDaniel

It is so beautiful, the waterfalls
The sun feels so good, the wind flowing
Feels like springtime, thank you God

For your creation, it is marvelous
I can really feel your presence
Here he is all around, surrounding

Me, I see people holding hands
The leaves blowing beneath my feet
Bullying other ducks just to get something to eat

It is so funny watching them
It puts a smile on my face
It is winter, the trees are dead, no beauty

Around but there are things in God's Creation
Even in winter blues that live
Look around as far as the eye can see

Search the Lord where he may be found
Even in winter blues you can find
Creation that still lives

There are some trees that still live
Plants with all their splendor and beauty
Our lives can be dead within, dried up with no life

But there is life in the eyes of the Beholder
Even a smile, if we would just look around.

(© 2010 Renee McDaniel – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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