Christian Poetry
by Mangaliso Moyiseli Sifumba

Mangaliso writes: "I was born and raised in East London in the Eastern Cape. My home is in heaven. I have been entrusted with this short assignment called life. I endeavor to walk my daily life in spirit and in truth in so doing my worship is pleasing to the Lord God Almighty. I Love my Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart."

Countless Thoughts
By Mangaliso Moyiseli Sifumba

My mind is outpouring, tainting the universe with unimaginable imagery
From depths of the subconscious, dissecting science
Proverb after proverb after proverb, English is dumbfounded
Alas I dare say ignorant to this infamous content
Surging through the continents, shaking earthquake in religious concepts,
This, a relentless all-out attack on sarcastic mockers, pricks scoffers,
Endless life erupts, ripping apart flesh from flesh
Relinquishing all carnal desires and nature with a rewoven Word,
All that is contrary to the Word of God is destroyed.
Vehemently I lash out, infilled with the Holy Spirit
Snatching souls out of satan’s grip of deception and condemnation.
I do all this through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.

(© 2010 Mangaliso Moyiseli Sifumba – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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