Christian Poetry
Poems by John Miller

Everlasting Praise
By John Miller

Heavenly Father, we praise your Holy Name
God Almighty acclaimed in heaven and on earth You are above all kings
Your Sovereign authority is declared over every nation
Heaven’s angels and saints praise you in magnificent song

All the earth sings of your glory. Your mighty hand holds all creation
One and Only Creator, Star Breather and Maker of heavens, we are yours
The mighty beasts and creatures of oceans deep eat from your hand
You allow mankind to explore your heavens
To see galaxies of eons past and witness the burst of new star birth
Oceans depth holds creatures various and beautiful, all dependent on your providence
You create things incomprehensible for your pleasure
Your glory is seen everywhere. All of life praises you!

Lord, we praise you for your Holy Word, so powerful and purposeful
A precious treasure you have sent to fallen mankind
Like rain to water the parched earth that rises to form clouds
Your word returns to you, having accomplished your holy will
It draws us toward your irresistible goodness
In awe, we stand in the light of your blessed immeasurable grace
Divine grace poured out to open hearts hungry to know you
For your faithful word of promise we praise you!

Father, you sent The Living Word, Christ Jesus to the dying world
And He fulfilled your plan of reconciliation at the Cross
Your unblemished Lamb was lifted high for all to see
A price paid once for all and sin’s debt was settled
Satan defeated and sin’s bondage was forever broken
None other could satisfy your Justice
None other could utter the redemptive words, “It is finished!”

For your Risen Son Jesus Christ we eternally praise you!
Good Shepherd and King we praise you!
Father, for our Counselor who utters incomprehensible prayer

And points us to our Lord and Savior, we praise you! Amen.

(© 2010 John Miller – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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