Christian Poetry
Poems by Meriv Murillo

Meriv writes: "I am from the Philippines and I would like to dedicate my poems to the Lord."

I Never Thought
By Meriv Murillo

I never thought that I could write a poem,
'til I was able to visit Your Home
You showed me all things that I never knew,
Absolute difference between fake and true.

I never thought that I could sing a song
It's You my soul had been waiting for so long
When I was drowning in the dark abyss
of the chaotic world and its disease.

I never thought that I could fight this war,
You shield my way Lord, You brought me too far
From my enemies lurking in the dark
Always trying to kill Your great love's spark.

Now I am alive and free
When Jesus died for me
His love is now until eternity.

(© 2011 Meriv Murillo – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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