Christian Poetry
By Byron Allenby

Dark Night of the Soul
By Byron Allenby

I wake in the morning with hope in my heart
Only to have it dashed once again
The loss of Your presence – love’s very essence
Has flooded my soul with great pain

I don’t understand why You’ve gone and left me
Was it something I’ve done or I’ve said?
I search through my heart for what has caused us to part
As I weep bitter tears on my bed

The troubles of life they come in like a flood
They all seem to come at one time
For Your servants of old, as the scriptures have told
These were sent by You to refine

I read in Your word You refine us with fire
Your intent is to make us like Christ
You depart for a season, without giving a reason
Your absence You use to entice

You allow us to suffer as you purge our souls
To rid self and sin from our lives
You test us to see our love and loyalty
To prepare us when Jesus arrives

This dark night of the soul is so necessary
For without it we would stay as before
To be worthy to serve, we first must observe
Surrender of all things You deplore

If you want to be used in the Kingdom
Allow God to prepare your heart
Whom He loves He chastens, your perfection He’ll hasten
As He divides soul and spirit apart

(© 2005 Byron Allenby – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Stranger In The House
By Byron Allenby

I was only young and not so wise
I could not see through adult’s eyes
But in my heart it was revealed to me
There was a stranger in the house

I had a father, mother, sisters and brothers
In my family there were no others
But there was someone else I could not name
Who was a stranger in the house

The stranger dwelt there in much despair
Unloved, unwanted, excluded there
Unaccepted, rejected, left unprotected
This stranger in the house

I longed to know their identity
I prayed to God – who could it be?
The answer came – He revealed quietly
This stranger in the house was me!

With words of hope I heard Him say
My Son Jesus Christ has made a way
For now you belong to My family
There are no strangers in My house

You knew me before I was formed
Your presence graced me at my birth
There’s not been a day You’ve left my side
You’ll be there when my days end on earth

(© 2005 Byron Allenby – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


The Hem Of His Garment
By Byron Allenby

She watched as the crowds surrounded Him
She saw the dying girl’s father come
She watched Jairus kneel, weep in anguished appeal
For his daughter to death not succumb

She had seen Him defeat death before
When He had raised the widow’s son
She saw Him reverse the result of sin’s curse
And bring hope when the hopeless had none

She had stood by the pool of Bethesda
As He had healed the crippled man
With much satisfaction she’d seen the reaction
From the man healed of the withered hand

She knew there was nothing too hard for Him
The lepers, the blind and the lame
Were set free by His power, that very same hour
And the insane He made sane again

She had been sick these last twelve long years
Her illness had been a disaster
It had robbed her of health and stolen her wealth
Her only hope lay in the Master

She reached and touched the hem of His robe
Her sickness departed for hell
She fell at His feet, as He began to speak
“Daughter, it’s your faith that has made you well”

He died on the cross for our sins
Through His beating our sickness was freed
The truth’s been revealed – by His stripes we are healed
But by our faith He responds to our needs

(© 2005 Byron Allenby – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Byron Allenby

How many dreams have I dreamed in my life
That have never come to fruition
Big dreams and small, the loss of them all
Have devastated my hope and ambition

These talents and gifts, these desires of my heart
I had within when I was born
They were a burden I found, as I carried them around
Their stillbirth gave me much cause to mourn

I tried on my own to bring them to pass
And longed for some love and support
But the enemy came, with discouraging claims
And no belief from those that I sought

The time at last came - I could bear them no more
And I laid them at the feet of the Saviour
“Your dreams aren’t dead,” He kindly said
They just need to receive My favour”

“The dreams that I gave could make you a slave
If you didn’t fulfill them in Me
I’m sure you’d much rather give thanks to the Father
For living the dreams He could see”

Now that He has control of my life
No more do I fight reins and bit
His Word is so sweet, it’s a lamp to my feet
My pathway He has now clearly lit

(© 2005 Byron Allenby – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Byron Allenby

I once had a taste of Your love and Your grace
Of mercy, forgiveness and more
I received good advice of Your supreme sacrifice
And that You were eternity’s door

But I became dismayed with behaviors displayed
By your servants called by your name
It wasn’t too long before I joined the throng
And pursued other gods, to my shame

The angel of darkness, disguised by bright light
Seduced me away from my Lord
He enticed me with promises of power and might
And that I could control my own world

His lies and deception found ready conception
In a bruised and unguarded heart
Though seemingly innocent, they disguised his intent
To keep me and God far apart

Seances, tantra, chakras and mantras
Clairvoyance, nirvana, bright aura
Crystals, third eyes, tarot cards, spirit guides
Revealed who you were – The Destroyer

Satan, you counterfeit God in all that He does
But all that you offer is poison
You’ll soon be exposed, and reap what you sowed
With the return of the Savior, God’s Son

My Lord didn’t leave me seduced by the devil
He came back and saved me again
“Your past I will heal, as you humbly kneel
And you return to your first love. Amen”

© 2005 Byron Allenby (All rights reserved. Written material may not be copied without permission.)


Father To The Fatherless
By Byron Allenby

O God, I am like a widow in your sight
I’ve never been like this before
My children cry for their daddy in the night
For he has left – we’ll not see him anymore

My whole life’s shattered, my dreams in tatters
When the door slammed that final time
The end has come to all that matters
I feel such shame in this heart of mine

O God, do you care what happens to us?
Whether we live or whether we die?
Do you really care if I yell and curse?
Do you really care if we cry and cry?

“Hush My child and listen carefully
Read My word and you will see
I have been a Father to the fatherless
Since the beginning of humanity”

“Today’s no different, I do not change
My provision’s there for you
Trust me now with all your heart
My promises will always see you through”

Many years have passed since that day
When I heard those words so clear
He kept every promise He said He would
Now I can face every day without fear

He is a Defender of the defenseless
A Father to the fatherless
A Provider to the widows
A Shelter to the homeless
He is the Everloving Father

(© 2005 Byron Allenby - All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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