Christian Poetry
Poems by Richard David Briggs

Richard resides in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. He obtained a BA. Honors in English and a B. Ed. He taught high school for thirty years. He has published poems, short stories and a novel, "Hooked on Fish Tales".

The World Shall Rise As One!
By Richard David Briggs

In honor to my father Richard Briggs Senior

Welcome, I present my loving father to you,
He looks well after all he has been through;
Soldier friends have chosen his coffin there,
Red cherry wood coated with shiny veneer.

His war medals shine as stars in a dark sky,
Was a handsome man, black hair, little shy:
Battle stress has aged him beyond his years,
Well missed, was far too young to die I fear!

Notice how wrinkles cracked his gentle face,
Once strong hands now cold folded in place;
Brings me back to when I was his small lad!
My dear Dad would say feeling solemnly sad:

“No need for pain in God’s creation my son,
These dreadful dictators have to be undone!
‘Nation against nation to end wars remains,
We must remove the four horsemen’s reign!”

I‘d ask, “Then, how will we young survive,
Since selfish plans for global control thrive?”
And replied, "Christ’s brave will set you free!
To counter Terrorists, takes courage you see;

Not by bullets but through God our only hope,
Apply Bible teaching to daily life we will cope;
The world shall rise as one and Evil shall fall!
Jesus’ love channeled by us will win over all!”

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Faithful Friend
By Richard David Briggs

Nurse’s needle spites skin! Ah! Morphine seeps in,
Cataract eyes sealed, brain numbs, will succumbs;
Woozy mind envisions me, a scared child of three,
Wide-eyed, fists squeezed tight, search dark night;

O’ Lord! Longing sleep, startling sounds seize me,
Jesus’ voice sweet, stills silence’s sting, we meet:
“Boy, I am your friend! Hush, you’re in my keep.”

Drug dream transforms! Spring’s youth conforms,
Duped by fickle friends, sorrow, strife, reprimands.

Uh? Through stupor hear: “Peace Love, I’m near.”
Wheezing breath , serum surges, slows soft death.

Upon fine Summer’s stage, I float in my old age;
Cold sweaty-wet, soul seeks, Holy Spirit’s speaks:
“Beloved, in me you’re to trust or to hell be thrust.”

Ah Wife! Silver-glossed, coffined in Fall’s dross;
Hmm! Grieving heart aches, feeble beats do make,
Limp lips pray too, Christ replies, “I’ll comfort you.”
Winter-wrinkled, robbed of choice, crackling voice,

I in God, He in me, hope is fed, body soon be shed,
Stiffen here, I crave to pass beyond yawning grave.

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Christ Within
Dedicated to Father Titus

By Richard David Briggs

Come Love; kneel on pew. Communicants? A few;
Kindled candles’ hue, flickers amber, green, blue,
Pray for sick souls, and for whom the bell tolls.

Adult absentees, a social trend, Modernists defend,
Christmas, Easter, or not attend, on pride depend!
Elderly sit in seats embossed, youth in world, lost!

Sweet choir chant praises; Reverend’s hand raises;
Nigerian native, his aspect woos; sermon soothes.
Softly Shepherd guides, “Heaven! In you resides!”
Inspired! Free of fear! I see! Ah! Jesus lives in me!
Feel wife’s nervous nudge; focused, cannot budge;
The Kingdom’s within us! O’ God, to share we must!

Christ on cross! Spirit captured! I so enraptured!
My heart transformed! Reborn! Initiated, Baptized!
Consecrated! Empowered, Inspired to evangelize!

Upset her gnawing care, confronts me with a stare;
She unaware, this saintly man, revealed God’s Plan!
Confused by my daze; I with her, I with God, gaze;
Scared, holds my hand again, tears I must restrain.

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Your Will Be Done
Dedicated to Connie Lanyon-Roberts

By Richard David Briggs

O'softly she sows in my soul, scripture scrolls,
Praises to Jesus' Grace, His trust to embrace;
Reaches out to all, my joy responds to her call.

Demon-bruised, cut, cries, sees Saviour's eyes,
With faint-spirited pleas, Faith roots, she sees;
Holy hands offer life, living water stifles strife;
Saved, Satan flees, her true testimony touches me!

Ah! Christ in her fused! She's freed, unconfused,
Past painful night, follows Heaven's path bright;
In kindness she waves, my hungry heart graves,
Lord of lords to know, King of kings, to Him I go!

My lovely Lady, inspired, so worthy to be admired,
Invites, entices you and me, to compose of Thee;
Father, faithful Friend, our work to her site, send;
Spread good news of God's Son. Your Will be done!

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Unto My Lord
In Gratitude to Jesus Christ

By Richard David Briggs

To dawn’s quiet day, “Awake!” I hear You say,
“Today! For your sake, must choose my way!”
Soft sunbeams dance, still immersed in trance;
Spirit struggles to obey, sluggish thoughts pray.

”Uh! - Why come to me?” dry drunken lips plea,
Stupor breeds doubt, guilty eyes, look all about;
Hmm! Shameful sorry soul, wanting to be whole,
Half believes, recedes, proud reason deceives.

Shimmering halo shines, throat chokes, whines,
“Holy Ghost’s real I fear!” Aura advances near;
Seized, I sweat, shudder Hear golden face utter,
“Stop the strong drink Lamb! Here take my hand.”

Squirm, scared, push away, He begs me to stay,
Cold, faint, heart slows, Death comes, He knows;
His caring caress holds me, all my past life I see,
Loving eyes fixed on mine, His trust I do incline.

“Divine plans in place, I grant you life by grace,”
Through me surges heat, soul to soul we meet;
He smiles, His image dies; I healed, reborn, rise,
With His crucifixion paid, for human debts made.

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


By Richard David Briggs

“Until we meet again my friend!”

Ah here, so many times I’ve been!
Follow me closely, come, come in.
Family mourners line centre aisle,
Heated cold hands shake in denial.

Forced civil smiles, red blurry eyes,
Stare in shock, say last good-byes.
Stiff paled faces fill the worn pews,
Altar candles flicker of many hues.

O’ organ laments our laden hearts!
Please stand, the procession starts.

André, our priest blesses your urn.
How minds race, fond faces stern!
Fifty years Friend, I’ve known you;
Walked, talked, golfed, now adieu!

Dauntless Death watched, stocked!
Riddled you with arthritis, scoffed!
Oh, caught you in cancerous grasp!
Clinging to hope, fought to the last.

Racked with pain, put on bold front,
Still loving nature, you went to hunt.

Happy to build the deer tree-cache,
Woodsman so sure of foot did dash,
Branch to branch with skillful ease!
On iced bark slipped, tried to seize,

Soft spruce boughs, fell back, down,
Headlong straight to frozen ground.
Body smashed, snapped neck bone;
Lay lifeless. Jesus brought you home.

“Andre! Is that you I see?” Can’t be!
“Yes, don’t be afraid! Soon to leave;
I’ve come to say so long to you Rick,
Pray for those passing and the sick;

Ah Buddy to a better place I must go,
Eh salut mon ami, cast off your woe!”

(© 2011 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


City Castaways
Dedicated to: All Street Kids for Christ!
By Richard David Briggs

Heavenly Father, from His throne on high,
Surveys sordid Kingdom of Sewage-Canal
At traffic lights of weary Workaday Street;
His dawn’s rays burn off fog’s dark secrets,

Steaming-stench issues off slimy asphalt,
Exposing rotten remains of sorry lost lives.
Cold, scared, awake from nightmare sleep,
Hid in foul mildew-damp cardboard boxes,

Slide out skinny Squeegee Kids, coughing.
Limbs stretched, stop along filthy sidewalk,
Mesmerized, see city shiny-chromed cars,
Envious, “We wish we had a life like you!”

Garbed in grimy baggy blue-stained jeans,
Guised with tarnished brass-ringed noses,
Stapled ears, multi-colored tattooed faces,
Sliced-red-barbed pointed devil-tongues,

Swarm, block, vex Vehicle-Driver’s View;
Wash; wipe windshields for small change,
Clash with “Mister Smug-Face, first in line”
Sitting in his sumptuous Crimson Corvette,

Refuses to be born-again Hate binds him!
“Frig off Freaks!” Spews his Satanic Spirit,
“Fiends from Hell! Get a real job! Grow up!
Aides-Carriers! Druggie-Trash! Get away!”

Those who think will come first, come last,
From dust God-created, to dust will return,
Street Kids’ souls, body-freed, with Jesus;
Heaven’s Seats unto them, Grace granted!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


On a Cold Late October Day
Dedicated to: Our Creator of Life
By Richard David Briggs

Standing stark-still in serene silence,
Sense Our Father’s Heart–felt Love.
On this cold, late October, gray day,
Ah! My compassionate soul cringes,

Sees death of Mother-Tree’s last Leaf.
“What’s that? Such silliness! Is it not?”
Like you, lived, fulfilled Divine Design!
Nature-nurtured, bud burst, unfolded,

Seasons ended, sun’s rays waned,
Leaf’s veins baked, blade blotched,
Green crimsoned, paled to jaundice,
Now, riddled-ribbed, burned brown,

Cracks, clutches on Brother branch!
Comfort confronts Creator’s change,
Surprised, sturdy stem chills, stiffens,
Autumn’s gusts! Swish! Sever Leaf!

In faith, fetal-curled, falls, swirls, lands.
Below upon family’s shallow grave,
Inherits the earth, as we all must do.
Holy Spirit’s Voice transforms Life!

Jesus, the kind Face of God, smiles!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


“Know the Tree by Its Fruit!" - Jesus
Dedicated to: God, the Father and the Holy Spirit
By Richard David Briggs

In ferns, groping for my missed-hit golf ball,
Intrude upon Pine’s somber sacred grove.

Startled saplings suck on her last remains,
Sacrificed her life for her young to survive!
Ingrates! Each envies their sibling’s space,
Robed in rich green leaves, vie for the sun.
Devil’s imps! Impatient of their inheritance!
Grab earth’s nutrients! I knew their greed!

Frosty winds snapped off brittle branches.
Scattered them! Here, there, everywhere!
Look! Lightening stabbed her in the heart!
Betrayed by riddled roots, she twisted, split,
Toppled down in these soft spruce boughs.

Spring rains rotted her into mossy clumps,
Valiant Tree! Weary, weathered, withered,
Leafless, lifeless, silent shadow-shrouded!
Pink Granite Rock marks sad shallow grave.
O’ priestly raven, caw out a callous sermon!

Hellish heinous heirs! Disobedient to God!
Foolish fiends! Be free to follow fickle fate!
Ball in hand leave! Loathe such sinful spot!
Find my friends! My spirit purified by God!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Secret Sins Forgiven
Dedicated: To gentle souls
By Richard David Briggs

Meager light, morbid music, fading flower scent!
Me! Sleeping in a white-silk coffin? Heaven sent?
Frozen stiff! Rosy cheeks formaldehyde-soaked;
Body bloated buried in rented black suit cloaked.

My livid faithful friend shall soon inherit the earth!
The grave yawns wide! Must surrender to rebirth.
Can’t be! Bitter bliss! - Why still I mourners see?
Ah! My soul’s spirit speaks, the real me set free!

So many strangers! Staring! Stopping, Scoffing!
Lose lips gobble up gossip, false faces mocking,
Unappreciative visitors lunch; hypocrites praise,
Friends - kneel, bless me, thoughtful flowers lay,

Jasmine! Meanest of school’s schemers stands,
Nearest my deathbed faintly fondles my hands!
O’ seductive lovely lips! Beautiful silky soft skin!
Such a sunny smile! Shame on your carnal sin!

Will we share our secret? No? Or, shall you tell?
Me dead! Don’t care a tinker’s curse! Go to hell!
You love Cockroach! - Caught him for cheating!
Drew a knife on me! Lied at principal’s meeting!

Duped parents complained! Son? Back in class!
His rights proclaimed even though I’m disturbed,
Vows to give me a heart attack! I am perturbed!
Why jabber on so? Authority molds. Values sold.

Money rules! Chaos reigns! Proverbial fibs told!
“Oh our principal, ‘Mr. Save-Himself’’, hates me!
’Sir you should know how to discipline, ’‘he said,
“Don’t blame the student, teach morals instead!”

Media manipulates facts: Such a Fine Teacher!’
Acceptable picture, good compliments, feature,
School board’s spiel stated diplomatically right,
My next day replacement flings me out of sight!

First ecstatic! Finds her new career a living hell!”
O’ Lord Jesus, come! - My faith serves me well!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Manitou Fields
Dedicated to: Loyal Loving Children
By Richard David Briggs

Come, this way to my father’s coffin - draw near!
Many mourners! Whisper! Gossips may overhear.
Brother Brad there said, “Dad should be blamed!”

Untrue! Troublemaker! His evil puts me to shame!
How’s that? No! Did you hear what he just said?
“Dear Dad had overworked us almost every day!”

Liar! - Betrays the Burns’ honor! To that I swear!
See, treats our Cree mother as heathen! Sneers!
Ingrate! Pa, proud to tell us an Indian tale or two,

About struggles to reclaim her Native land anew.
Now! His farmer’s hands lie calloused and cold,
Fought dreadful droughts, bitter blight, rot, mold,

Giant grasshoppers, few he’d pickled in that jar,
Ruined wheat fields faster than a frost could mar.
How costs soared, taxes rose! Quotas imposed!

Stupid me! Thought our family so well disposed!
Listen now, calls him “Bloody Scrooge!” in short,
Threatened me to contest Father’s Will in court!

Brazen brat! To curb his greed I’ll buy his share!
O’ Satan, be gone! I’ve sinned! Forgive me Lord!
Dad, you will lie safe and sound in Manitou field,

Tall prairie green grass will be your soul’s shield,
Winter’s whining winds will sing sorrowful songs.
I’ll heed your prayer! Let Jesus right this wrong!

Light holy candles; pray each day in heaven be.
May God’s grant His graces; set your spirit free!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


A Sonnet for Loving Us
Dedicated to: Our Loving God
By Richard David Briggs

Why should You love us so? Father You hear?
As for our human sins, we guilty, must confess!
We take Thy Love for granted, much You bear,
Shirking from Your laws daily, we often digress!

Want to do right! - Choose wrongs of all sorts!
World wars to personal prejudice - can’t deny!
Yet know Justice still reigns in Your kind court,
Has given us Eternal Hope - from here to nigh.

At birth our inner goodness given to us by You,
Through Your Holy Spirit - of Love and Peace!
O’ Permit our souls to enter Thy heavenly lieu!
While Mother Mary prays for us without cease!

Paradise regained! Your Wisdom sets us free!
Ah by Christ’s redemption, have willed us to be!

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Dying Unto Our World
Dedicated to: God’s Mystery of Life!
By Richard David Briggs

Crushing city stress, hastily seek safety
Amongst sweet smells of market square,
Sip coffee on covered café terrace.
Inner voice speaks, “I am your shepherd!”

Violets surround a small wall mirror; look in.
Such lethal glass! Hear, “You shall never be in want!”
Shocked at my withered me! Cry silent tears!
Depression whispers, “You walk through the vale of death!”

I? A decayed old fool! With gray hair jutting out!
Whitish-black eyebrows like frost on winter’s windowpane,
Heed call anxiously, “Fear no evil!”
Wrinkled-etched forehead, crease-cracked mouth,

Spider-web seams circle insomniac eyes.
Alarmed to his utterance, “I prepare a table before you!”
Adam’s apple pinches my turkey-throated skin,
Fallen round spongy stomach sickens,

Stand, back bent; sit again, spinal discs squeeze, I in pain!
Hands polka-dotted with brown age spots.
Cannot deny, “!n the presence of your enemies!”
Turn away in utter disgust! - “Must find another table!”

Tottering bulging blue-veined legs embarrass me.
“I anoint your head with oil!” ”Rings in my head!
Teenagers scoff! Me! ... I? ... A communicable disease!
Reach shady refuge behind a potted fern,

Ask waiter about the ‘Special of the Day’,
Read his eyes, conclude, “Another Alzheimer on the loose!”
Faint spirit sighs, “Your cup overruns with blessings!”
Nervous, nod, order Mystery Meat!

Feel totally rejected, dejected, lose appetite!
Surprised, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you!”
Yet, more I age, the young, make me fade away!
“Son, for all the days of your life!, I will be with you forever!”

(© 2013 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Fading Away
Dedicated to: Our Forgotten!
By Richard David Briggs

Seek safety from crushing city stress,
Among sweet smells of market square,
Sip coffee at some quiet café terrace.
God sees me! Then, I remain silent!

A mirror window, such a lethal glass!
Reflect how others choose to see me!
Me, a renowned university professor,
Am shocked at my newly withered me!

God makes me to see, yet still I deny.
Onlookers stand up take in a full view;
Oh no! I’m a greyish decayed old fool!

With balding head, salt-peppered hair,
With stiffened briskly frosty eyebrows
Wrinkles, a deeply etched forehead;
Stretched lines on sides of my mouth,

Spider-webs and with a turkey-throat,
Stomach, spongy-round, fallen down;
Backbone spinal discs so squeezed;
Polk-a-dotted with brown-age spots!

Oh God! I look away in utter disgust!
“Lord, help me to find another table!”
I titter-totter, rather shaky than walk,
Bulging blue-vein legs slow me down.

Customers’ faces turn away from me,
Have I some communicable disease?
Ah how teenagers stare, scoff, mock!
My heart pierced, I find shady refuge!

My vision weak, I forget my glasses;
Ask waiter about, ‘Special of the Day’
Know those eyes from times before;
Thinks I’m an ‘Alzheimer on the loose!’

Uh maybe I am! … Can’t remember!
Ah! How life’ is now a fading memory!
Daily, I hear so many garbled sounds,
Embarrassed, order My Mystery-Meal!

Spot two tourists, in soap-opera land,
I tighten, and crock, rather than speak,
Am totally rejected, dejected, I leave!
Aged! The young make me fade away

(© 2017 Richard David Briggs – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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