Christian Poetry
Poems by Michael Beatty

Michael writes: "What I attempt to do with my poetry is to make the younger generation, and anyone else that has a desire, aware of some of the more prominent parts of the bible. I have accomplished this by picking out certain highlights from each book of the bible, and composing a poem about them. At the end of each poem, I have also included the scripture source for it.

I hope this will provide encouragement for the reader to further search God's infallible word for a source of learning and encouragement. Since accepting Christ into my heart, I have come to realize that the bible is an important tool for obtaining strength and hope in my life. Until I started writing this book, I was not as familiar with the bible as I should have been. I hope to pass on some of the insight and promise to those that search the pages of this fascinating and insightful guidebook to the Christian faith."

Comfort in Troubled Times
By Michael Beatty

Despair not oh children of God
He knows the road you walk is not easily trod.
Remember as you go through life's pains,
That God in heaven above reigns.

Let our thoughts and actions be not like wolves of the night.
They are foreboding shadows that fill us with fright.
When filled with anger and fear
We tend to forget that God is here.

Walking beside us each step of the way
Ready to slay the wolves before the break of day.
But in order for Him to perform that wondrous task,
We must fall on our knees and humbly ask.

Then and only then will God step in,
Waging the war that only He can win.
We must admit that the enemy is too much for us alone
For without God's intervention we will never kneel before His throne.


(© 2011 Michael Beatty – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


The Silent City
By Michael Beatty

Jeremiah looked down over the once thriving city
Now desolate and without pity
Jerusalem was destroyed for its multitude of sins
Moreover, it could happen to our cities, if the devil wins.

Jeremiah is saddened by this sight
Although he knew, what was done was right.
They had been warned but did not heed,
For the law of the Lord, they felt there was no need.

Jeremiah had seen the wrath of God's judgment
That is the reason for his lament.
Yet in the midst of total despair
He realized that God really did care.

He changed his thoughts from those of “me”;
To thoughts of “Thee”;
The desolation was a testimony of God’s faithfulness.
He did exactly what He said He would do in all of His holiness.

Faithful to the just and the unjust
The Lord does not get pleasure from chastisement but,
discipline His children He must.

This book never needed to be written had His people listened to His Word
They could not say that it was not heard.
They were warned, as we are, repeatedly
Until God finally showed His faithfulness unmercifully


(© 2011 Michael Beatty – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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