Christian Poetry
Poems by Margaret C. Mullings

Margaret writes: "I have a passion for the presence of God, and for hurting souls! God has healed me so many times, I give Him all the Glory and honor. For He inspires the pen to write. By the grace of God I am an Author/Inspirational Writer/Poet/Song Writer, a Pastor's wife, and mother of six children. "

I Just Want You Oh Lord!

By Margaret C. Mullings

The storms around me are raging,
And the angry billows too, yet..
I just want You Oh Lord.....climate
Conditions are changing and very fact, the whole world
Is in a crisis, but I just want You
Oh Lord!

Fame and fortune will not do it
For me....being popular is out
Of the question....I just want You
Oh Lord...just to spend time in
Your river of the flow;
And oh what splendor of the radiance
Of Your presence: each time You
Pour Your healing balm upon me!

I just want You Oh Lord, and cannot
Comprehend life without You...I love
Chasing after You...the chase is worth
Being in Your presence, even though at
Times it seems as if You hide Yourself
From me.....still it is worth it;
Just to see, hear, and know You have
Loved me with an everlasting love...
I just want You Oh Lord!

(© 2011 Margaret C. Mullings – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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