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Poems by Tabitha McCourt

Tabitha writes: "I am a lover of the arts and the founder of the Rikud B'She'arei Shamayim a.k.a. "The Board Dance" concept. I am an outside the box thinker who likes to take the arts to new levels. Who knew that a school classroom could also be a dancer's playground? I am very interested in Heaven and the world to come that will be not just for a thousand years but forever. I believe that G-d loves his artists and has a place for them in eternity. Heaven with no arts? Come on. If there were no arts in Heaven, then there would be no music! We know there is music there. How much more should we expect other artforms to be there. G-d loves diversity. It is part of what makes us unique. My concept is special. I have been harshly criticized about it a few times, but pressed on. There have been a lot of people who really think it is creative and special though. That is what I love. We are to praise his name in the dance (Psalm 149:3). That is exactly what it is for. It has so much Heavenly and Temple significance. It implies a lot of Hebrew culture, but none of it is to be used vainly with an empty heart or it all means nothing. Someone with conviction on their heart cannot take an Aliyah because if one feels guilty of something and does not deal with it then the worship means nothing. The heart has to be pure. This is a wonderful concept and I hope people will visit my site and check it out. You will be blessed!"

You Can Take the Dance With You

By Tabitha McCourt

(יהוה is the Hebrew word for God.)

Inside you is something special
A childlike eagerness just waiting to emerge
Something Innate not made
A Dance of celebration, Your creative talent

It did not come from the Fall, The Curse, or Sin
It was something יהוה placed inside of you from the beginning
Your Talent is eternal, Not temporary, Your gift belongs to יהוה
You can take the Dance with you

Unlike money, cheap slogans, and material goods
Or any false happiness that money might bring
You can take the Dance with you
Celebrate with joy and love in your heart

Give all that you have to your creator
He is worthy of everything we have and can give
What is on the inside is what is valued above
Dance from the heart, not the outside, or for others

But for יהוה your maker, the one who lifts you up
You can take the Dance with you
Heaven is a place of wonders and sights
A place where creativity is let out and not confined

Beauty, glory, power, and majesty are all there
The angels sing beautiful music that touches you on the inside
Let the dance come from within, from your spirit
Glory to יהוה Elohim in the highest

You can take the Dance with you
Develop yourself for your King and your maker
Come before that throne of יהוה and his prince of peace
Yeshua the wonderful counselor who made to adore him

If you know him then you have a reason to rejoice
You can take the Dance with you
You can run on Heaven's street
The beauty of the New Yerushalayim and its majesty

What a worshipful experience that is
When you enter your Heichal, meditate on the majesty
The wonderful things that await in the future
It will not be for a few days or even just a thousand years

It will be eternal without end in sight
The Earth will be renewed and all things will be made right
A kingdom of righteousness forever there
Beginning in the Millennium and carrying on though

You can take the Dance with you
You are who you are and that is the way יהוה sees you
When you step up to the board take some time to reflect on that
If יהוה did not want you here he would not have put you here

Use what you have to his glory and keep eternity in heart
Material possessions may be temporary for many reasons
Death, Decay, Disaster, Thievery, and other bad things
But that will be changed in the time of the future

Earth will be righteous, there will be no crime or death
There will be wonders and peace beyond imagination
Not just for a thousand years but forever
New Heavens and New Earth is what we long for

You can take the Dance with you
You can rejoice evermore
No lies, no threats, no false teachers, No perversion
Just truth, and joy, and lots of laughter

Blessed are all who seek יהוה and his kingdom
They shall laugh, they shall dance, they shall leap for joy
They shall be comforted and inherit the earth
They shall be the children of Elohim

You can take the Dance with you
Do not be afraid, Hallow יהוה's sanctuary
Your Boardroom is like his sanctuary, his Heichal
When you enter therein give him all the respect

No foul play no hatred, these things he cannot accept
Love, Worship, and Adoration, this is what he seeks
Worship him in spirit and truth
Be worthy for him

Make your Aliyah to his Altar, and give yourself away
Praise his name with Dance, Sing from your heart
Have an intimate time with יהוה
You can take the Dance with you

Do not be afraid to let your heart speak to Him
He desires your childlike heart and joy
He desires your uniqueness and special ability
What others may think is not what יהוה thinks

He is the one you serve not men
Your Heichal is a place to praise יהוה not to show off
The board is a sacred place for you and יהוה
Let there be life not death

Let your creativity shine forth
Give יהוה all you have and put him first
Let there be no idols or useless things in the way
You can take the Dance with you

It is not a profane thing
Unless you allow the ways of the world in
This does not prosper it only destroys
Destruction is not the way of the Boardroom

Love is, Beauty is, Truth is, Heart is
Have faith and believe
Nothing is impossible with Elohim
Yeshua is the light and the way of Salvation

He is also a great builder his city is majestic
Run into his arms and accept his gift
Then dance before him on you Altar of Praise
The board is the Heart of the Dance of Heaven

Present yourselves on it a living sacrifice for your Master
Give your Master the praise and honor he deserves
Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Savior of the whole world
The dance is time for you and him

It is not a place to exploit
You can take the Dance with you
And you enter that beautiful New Yerushalayim
When you run to Yeshua you Master and Savior

You will hear him if you lived your life fully for him
Well Done my good and faithful servant
We are to be found faithful in the end not successful
If your heart is right and pure, then reward you shall have

For every good work that you have done
When you have your Crown, you will have a reason to dance
You can take the Dance with you
It is inside you heart and soul

Your talent is not something tangible you can touch
It is not something that can be placed on a self
If is something that can be used for the glory of יהוה Elohim
Although you can reach out and touch the board

That does not mean it qualifies as some worthless material possession
For end the end all material things will be worthless compared to Heaven
But that does not mean Heaven will have no things, It sure will as it is a city
You might mot can physically carry the Heart with you but,

You can take the Dance with you
You can rejoice and celebrate in Heaven
You can sing your heart out and bow before your Maker
You can take the Dance with you

And יהוה will provide the rest, Leave it in His hands
He is the giver of all good things
He sees your heart and knows what you long for
He is preparing a place for you

In that place you can welcome others and praise יהוה
You Heavenly home is a sanctuary where love will pour out
It is uniquely for you and a place of warmth for the
people whose lived you have touched
You home just might be a studio for you and your Talent

Others can come in and you can share it with them
If you listen close you may hear Yeshua knocking
Or he may just come right in and make himself right at home
After all Heaven will have no enemies

What a joy it will be for Yeshua to come in your home
And you entertain him with your art
He may bring a few friends as well
Make sure you are ready for them

You can take the Dance with you
It is not evil, It is not sin, It is not disgrace
The Dance is special like Yeshua's grace
You can take the Dance with you
The angels can come your home and sing

Beautiful music will fill the air
You can help but to dance
Your spirit is jumping inside you
You feel the urge to Aliyah

Take that step up and let it all out
It will not hurt you, it will feel so good
You can take the Dance with you
And יהוה will provide the rest
Halleluyah, let יהוה be all in all!!!

He is the L-RD and his son the King of kings
Of his reign there is no end
Of his love there is no end
Of his creativity there is no end

He is creator of everything
He is creator of the dance
He is creator of us and our unique talents
You can take the Dance with you

And יהוה will provide the rest

(© 2011 Tabitha McCourt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


All Is Possible With Elohim
By Tabitha McCourt

YHVH is not limited
He is infinite
We are finite
We will always be finite because G-d did not make us to be deity

That was reserved for Yeshua his son
If you have a G-d honoring dream
YHVH can make it a reality
Trust and believe in Him

He can make anything happen
In Heaven and on Earth
Things need not be limited to the Earth
YHVH sent his Son out of Heaven for us

He sent him to be the ultimate Passover sacrifice
His sacrifice was like no other
It did not merely cover sin
It atoned for it

He made Maryam Magdala, the virgin
Be pregnant with child
No man had lay with her
Yet she bore child

What a miracle of Elohim
A miracle of the Highest
Elohim came make anything happen
He loves a childlike heart

Children were dear to Yeshua
If we dream G-dly we may see reality
In that splendorous city New Yerushalayim
Have an unfulfilled dream?

Seek YHVH for hope
In Heaven all desires will be met
We will have Yeshua's love
In his love things will be provided

He is the giver of all things
He will comfort us and be there
Always and Forever

(© 2011 Tabitha McCourt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


A Spectacular Creation
By Tabitha McCourt

How wonderful it is for our Elohim YHVH to create for us a place of spectacular beauty
In just six days he made the Heavens and the Earth
Six evenings and mornings
In the first day was day and night

Elohim's being provided that light
On the second day was the firmament
Waters were divided
The firmament was called Heaven

On the third day was the gathering of waters
He called them seas
The Earth brought forth vegetation after its kind
Everything was good

The fourth day arose
Let there be light and it was so
Elohim created the light bearers
One for the day and one for the night

They were for seasons and times
When the fifth day came Elohim was at work
The waters brought forth living creatures after their kind
They were blessed and told to multiply

The earth brought forth creatures after their kind
They were blessed and told to multiply
Man was made in G-d's image and told to multiply
To have dominion and rule the earth

What a wonderful world this was
Herbs and vegetation were given for food
No harm and no death was present in sight
A paradise it was, and one we long for

(© 2011 Tabitha McCourt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


Having Dominion
By Tabitha McCourt

Having dominion was our priority in the beginning
We were made in the image of Elohim
We were to subdue the earth
We were to rule it

Adam and Chavah had regal robes waiting for them
If only they would have harkened to the voice of YHVH Elohim
They were to rule over the fish of the sea
Rule over the birds of the air

And rule over the beasts of the earth
And every creeping thing
No this did not mean eat them
This meant to care for them and tend to them

Like we do with our pets
To be made in G-d's image means to be rulers
YHVH is the ultimate ruler
We are his co-heirs

What a wonderful promise to know
That dominion will be restored to us one day
The same dominion offered to Adam and Chavah
It be ours, the saints, the overcomers, for all eternity

If we overcome and endure
We will reign
Not just for a temporary thousand years
But forever
Our rewards our something we cannot lose

(© 2011 Tabitha McCourt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)


The Beginning of Things
By Tabitha McCourt

Our G-d had a plan for us

It started with the Heavens and the Earth

This was His creation and He was the Master Artist

He called it the Heavens and the Earth

He prepared it is such away that we could not

Out of Nothing!!!

How wonderful an Artist we have

He can do anything

(© 2011 Tabitha McCourt – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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