Christian Poetry
Poems by Cuauhtemoc Trevino

Cuauhtemoc writes: "I am married to my beautiful wife Melinda with 8 wonderful children and one grandson. I am my church's Worship Leader. I attend Oasis Church in Round Rock, TX under Pastor Danny Williams. I am a Field Superintendent for a Commercial HVAC company."


By Cuauhtemoc Trevino

Amid the floods and waves of trials and of sin
My Guiding Light will keep me with desire to press in
Pressing towards the mark, the prize, high calling of my Lord
Rejoicing with every piercing glance of his double edged sword

My days be filled with laughter and nights with immense joy
In my Great King I'll place my trust regardless of sin's ploy
A chance to worry, doubt and fear is likely to occur
My flesh in these things will not glory in faith my heart will stir

Arrival to the point of surrender at every twist and turn
My hearts first leap be one of faith for Christ my soul shall yearn
No longer can I hide amongst the thickets or the thorn
A spirit filled with praise and worship my Prince of Peace adorned

(© 2011 Cuauhtemoc Trevino – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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