Christian Poetry
Poems by Penelope Padmore

Penelope writes: "I am a published author with several credits to my name. I am a special needs teacher who lives in Arizona on a horse ranch."

The Bay

By Penelope Padmore

Omega and Alpha, forget not one
Whose ship drifts, and by perfect storm is tossed.
Caught in a line squall I couldn't outrun,
While casting for reasons for all that's been lost.

Bitterness crashes down like towering waves.
Cold shadows of thunderheads hide Your face,
My ship founders, and I have lost my way,
in this ravening storm I can't outpace.

Where is the Bay upon which Your Peace lies
and morning's living light touches gold sand?
Where lives the fellowship of those so wise,
who laugh unburdened, walking hand in hand?

This deck is clotted with icy gray foam.
Unfathomed night hides the light that is home.

(© 2011 Penelope Padmore – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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