Christian Poetry
Poems by Lamshai Oswald Tham

Lamshai writes: "I am a Christian, 30 years old, male and a citizen of India."

A Dying People
By Lamshai Oswald Tham

A dying people in a dying age,
Falling away, sunk in decay,
Desperate desperate
Desperate for you, Lord.

It's no longer a fable,
A matter of joke,
It's here among us now,
The shame has overwhelmed us
Desperate desperate
Desperate for you, Lord.

Desperate, desperate for you Lord,
Things just aren't getting better, Father,
In the secret or the known,
We're sick and lost and hurting,
The shame has overwhelmed us, Lord
The shame has overwhelmed us.

Our feeble cries and bitter tears can't half express the agony
Of standing back to see a generation drowned in its own folly,
Lord, what kind of a revival will herald our redemption,
Light a flame in me that'll burn throughout this nation.

(© 2011 Lamshai Oswald Tham – All rights reserved. Written material may not be duplicated without permission.)

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